Monday, August 25, 2014

Week Two - Leaving the MTC

It feels like I just got to the MTC a couple days ago, but tomorrow morning our flight is at 8:30a so 9:30a your time. I didn't have the chance to buy a calling card yet because they close early on Saturday and aren't open Sunday, so I will try and get one today. Sunday’s devotional was awesome! Steven Allen talked on fears and doubts about being a missionary, along with other things. We then had our film session where my district watched the Joseph Smith movie. The spirit was so strong that night and this morning as we went through the Temple. I try to write as much as I can when I email you guys, but I don't have much time which makes it near impossible.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week One - Arrived at the MTC

Hey everyone I miss you all already but I am having a good time here at the MTC our district is really cool and we are all getting to know each other so well it feels like we've been here for months. I am struggling with my companion because he does not study during study times he makes us late everywhere and stays up later than we are supposed to. We have struggled teaching our first practice investigator because it is almost impossible to teach by the spirit when he doesn't study. Today is our first P-day I'm excited to write back to everyone. Today we got to go through an endowment session it was awesome even if the movie was different. Two of the elders in our district might be going home today for stuff they didn't take care of before with their bishop. We will find out tonight. Last night our zone had the opportunity to give one of those elders a blessing for comfort. I can already tell I have grown so much I am just trying to have my companion do the same.
Love and miss all of you I'll email you again next Monday.
P.S. Thanks for all the treats me and my district appreciate it.