Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 33

Hello Everyone!

Tuesday March 24

Today we got the transfer news that I'm leaving. A lot of mixed emotions. P-day was good besides packing and cleaning the apartment. After P-day we started saying goodbye to people. We said goodbye to Bob, the Pearson's, Anderson's, Wrights and my favorite the Grantham's. Also said goodbye to a lot of people we couldn't visit and it was really nice to read some of their responses. Serving in Williams has been great but it's time to move forward! Nervous and excited for tomorrow's transfer!

Wednesday March 25

Today we headed down to transfers and I ended up getting transferred to Peoria North in the Sahuaro Ranch Ward with my MTC Companion Elder Davis, haha! I'm hoping that we can make this area turn around! I had some bike issues with Graziano's bike, like the shifters and the back brake rubbing against the back tires. Hopefully I can get the problems fixed pretty soon. I hope I adjust to the heat well haha!

Thursday March 26

Today we taught Brother Koutz and then did some weekly planning. We went shopping for my food. Our dinner appointment cancelled but the other Elders also did and they happened to get a P-day car for our apartment today so we went to Little Ceasers! Afterwards we tried to find a potential investigator with no luck and then set up appointments with all our auxiliaries from the Ward.  Looking forward to district meeting tomorrow, I get to lead a discussion!

Friday March 27

Today we had district meeting which I gave a discussion and it went well! Afterwards we had dinner dropped off by Sister Rios! Then we visited the Stowell's and then our investigator Nick. On our way to a visit we saw a lady that was pushing a stroller and had a lot of groceries, so we stopped and helped her which was awesome even though it took us out of our zone, haha! On our way home a guy on a motorcycle yelled at us and pulled over to talk to us and he was a cool return missionary, Braxton Tomlinson, that has been home for 8 months. He was really cool. Pretty good day.  I'm enjoying being tired after a day of biking!

Saturday March 28

Today we did a couple of hours of service at a Lutheran Church where they have a project to pack food to send to starving kids. It was a ton of fun. It was a bunch of stations and I was weighing the bags to make sure there was enough food in them. Afterwards we had lunch. We had dinner with Brother Southworth, Fellman, and LaMunyon. Our lesson with David Valensuala didn't answer the door so we visited people our ward leadership wanted us to check on. Pretty good day!

Sunday March 29

Church was pretty good today. We had dinner with the Smith's. Just like in Williams we have Sunday dinner with the Smith's...different family, but still the Smith's! We visited the LuMunyons and Elder Davis' bike broke so they gave us a ride home. 

By the way our address is 8650 W. Peoria Ave. Peoria AZ 85345 apartment 2063.
I hope everyone has had a great week.  The biking is a new adventure for me and it is already 95 degrees...
Love you all,
Elder Ashby
The Grantham's
Bob Robinson
New Area in Peoria North


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 32

Hello everyone,
Here is the update for the week.
Monday March 16

Today we had Zone Activity which was pretty lame. We played soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. Our lesson with Travis Grantham cancelled. We made visits the rest of the night. And the Spanish elders are staying the night!

Tuesday March 17

St. Patrick's day! Today the Spanish elders came with us to do service at Barbara's house! We had dinner with brother Stewart! He got my hopes up though, we were talking about food allergies and he mentioned he was really allergic to protein powder he found out and Elder Meisenbacher was like Elder Ashby loves protein so he's like well I'll go get it for you but he couldn't find it and he thinks his wife threw it away! We had really good Reese's cheesecake! We saw a really cool Polaris Jetray! Made visits to end the night!

Wednesday March 18

Today we taught Sister Rhodes then made visits the rest of the afternoon. We were supposed to have dinner with the Flannery's but some of the big shots from Brother Flannery's work came to town so they had to go to dinner with them. We made visits to end the night and most enjoyable visiting the Flannery's, shocker!

Thursday March 19

Today Freddie took us out to lunch at Pine country, which was really good! Afterwards we had weekly planning which was boring as you will see in the videos, haha! We taught Brother Ramsay. After dinner we made visits but best of them all was the Grantham's!

Friday March 20

Today we headed to Phoenix with Elder Chidister and Weeks for trainer trainee meeting! It was awesome to see some of the Elders that came out with me! When we got back we had dinner with the Anderson's which was awesome! Then we headed to Bellemont for an unorthodox exchange where we worked from 7-9 and then will exchange back tomorrow at district meeting!

Saturday March 21

Today Elder Kwock had to do a baptismal interview so I hung out with the Zone Leaders during that! Afterwards, we went to prepare for district meeting! President Perry, the first counselor, was up here doing a baptismal interview for someone that was on parole, so he stayed and got our district pizza! After district meeting we had ice cream to celebrate Elder Kwock's last week! When we got back to Williams after some visits in parks we had dinner with the Flannery's which is always amazing! Then we made visits the rest of the night.

Sunday March 22

Today Williams sacrament was good! Travis Grantham came! We didn't get the chance to talk to him. Then we headed to the Grand Canyon because we got roped into speaking. Elder Meisenbacher only spoke for 7 minutes.... So I spoke for 40 haha! When we got back to town we gave Barbara a blessing. We had dinner at the Tieman's then we shared a message with the Christiansen's. We have the Spanish Elders out here for work tomorrow!

Monday March 23
Today the Spanish Elders were here so that makes for a fun morning! We did some service for Barbara Wilson with the Spaniards! We had dinner with the Terry's, then we started making visits telling people goodbye. I told Terrance I might be leaving, which was hard he was crying a little bit when we were saying goodbye and as we were walking away he yelled "I love you with all my heart". I'm gonna miss Terrance so much! When we went to grab a sweater from the apartment for Elder Meisenbacher we were leaving and there was Elder Busick at the front door with Elder Shepherd and Ockey because Elder Ockey is companionless for a couple days. They came out to Williams because the Lord's have been going to their ward for some weird reason so they visited them. We showed them the mish fridge then made a couple more visits.

 I got the notice today that I am being Transferred.  I am not sure where or who I will be with.  I will find that out tomorrow.  I will let you all know where I land next week!
Love and miss you all!
Elder Ashby
Message from Sister Flannery this week:

Here's these two awesome missionaries after a long District Meeting.  So good to have them over for what we feel is "one last time".  As you know, transfers are this week and we've just got a gut feeling that one and/or both are getting transferred!
So my heart is super full and maybe needlessly lol - but it just feels like it's happening!
And Steve I've been a total slacker!  They've had me on a swing shift since January and I haven't been home to do meals like I like to do.  Last night, we called them at 3:30 and they didn't have an dinner appt (not Utah here lol), so we threw some goodness on the grill.
Bro. Flan has a crazy good ability to get these guys laughing hard and unwound from any stresses - I think they needed that!
I have to say... and this is with a huge lump in my throat and a spot in my heart that Elder Ute has been a straight up blessing to Williams and to us.  I can't tell you how much we love that guy!  He has made a huge difference for good here.  I know things have been slow recently, but not because any lack of effort.  He is nothing short of amazing and we love him to death.
He's been here for 7 1/2 months and we have gotten so attached to him!  He was sent here no doubt for many reasons - he has blessed many lives while he was here and if he does get transferred, he can go with his head held high knowing that he has served the Lord through the people of Williams with great energy and love.
Cyber hug back at ya!!!   You and Sonia have done an amazing job raising this young man - and because of it we all are blessed.  So, before I get back to work I have to tell you Danny's text to the Elders last night.... "Utes beat Georgetown 75-64.  Uh... I mean read your scriptures, say your prayers and choose the right".  Got a big hahahaha back.
Here are a few more pictures from this week.

I have learned to play the piano so well while I have been on my mission!!!


Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 31

Hello everyone!!!

Monday March 9

Today Pday went by really, really fast unfortunately. It was good though. We went to Flag to transfer all our files over to our new iPads. Then we hung out at the Zone Leaders apartment. Our lessons with the Skinners, Jensen's, and Granthams cancelled. We shared a message with the Lords and made a couple visits to end the night. The Spanish Elders are staying the night, so we'll have a good game of four way chess going on!

Tuesday March 10

Today was good but boring. The Spanish Elders made the morning fun! I won in four way chess by putting all three of them in checkmate one by one! Felt like a boss! We had a completely open day. Our appointment with Chris cancelled again. So much for him getting baptized this Saturday. We made visits all day and our dinner appointment just made food for the go, which were spicy enchiladas! We ended the night by visiting the Flannery's which makes me so happy they are so cool and funny!

Wednesday March 11

Today was a grind. We had nothing going on. We made visits throughout the afternoon and had to take a couple breaks because we were getting a little discouraged and stressed. We had our dinner appointment cancel but as we were driving to our apartment the Terry's called us wondering why we didn't confirm a dinner appointment with them because they thought they signed up for today when in reality it was tomorrow.  So we ate at the Terry's and they told us to come over tomorrow night anyway. We talked to Bishop at mutual which was good. Then we visited Brother Fuchsberger and shared a message with him.

Thursday March 12

Today we had weekly planning. Afterwards we had dinner at the Terry's again haha! Then we made some visits before we shared a message with the Pearson's. We made visits to end the night.

Friday March 13

Friday the 13th! And I hit my seven month mark today! Today we had district meeting which was really good! President Juchau (Second Councilor to President Giffin) and the Senior Couple, the Franklins, came.  After the meeting, the Franklins provided lunch for our zone which was a lot of fun! When we got back to Williams our appointment with Brother Ramsay cancelled. We had dinner with the Skinners. And when we got back into town we made some visits but the best of course was visiting the Flannery's to end the night!

Saturday March 14

Pi day (3.1415)!! Today we didn't have much going on. We taught the Andersons and then had dinner at our apartment. We went to where we had tracted a while back and started taking notes of who answered and who didn't.

Apparently someone was suspicious of us because as we were leaving a cop pulled us over and talked to us and made sure we were good! First time ever being pulled over. We made visits to end the night.

Sunday March 15

Today no investigators came to church again. Gospel principles was good with our new teacher Brother Ford. Elders quorum was also good.

In Sacrament Meeting the Muniz family had brother Owens bless their newborn, which was cool. Brother Smith had a ton of his family in town because he was being ordained to the office of High Priest today! They had us over for lunch after Church, which was awesome. We taught the Christiansen's and made visits the rest of the night.

Hope all is well with everyone

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 30

Monday March 2

Today was a great pday! We transferred everything from our iPads to usb's to put onto the other iPads. We got snowed in again but by the time we got the word we were already at the church so we hung out there until 6. The rest of the evening I wrote letters to Mattie and Aaron then gave myself and Elder Meisenbacher haircuts. The clippers work great, I really like them! It was a really good day! I'm looking forward to going to Phoenix tomorrow to learn about and get our new iPads!

Tuesday March 3

Today we headed down to Phoenix. We picked up Elder Meosenbacher's bike. It was great to see everyone at the meeting! We were trained by Brother Randall from the Missionary Department and Elder Malm of the Seventy! It was a long meeting but it was really good. They didn't talk much about the technology itself but more of principles of using them and our purpose and things like that. After the meeting we exchanged our iPads because they don't want us to come down to the Valley to get them. We went with Elder Thiel, Fife, Chidister, and Weeks to a place called Waldo's tacos! It is a food truck! The food was soooooo good! I got carne asada Tortas! Basically a Mexican steak sandwich! Waldo's story is pretty cool he was converted awhile back and he was working on Sunday's and struggling so his bishop said if he quit working Sunday's his income would double and it did! Then his bishop told him to stop working Monday nights some could be home for FHE and his income would double and it did! Then his bishop said every time you feed the missionaries for free more people will come than were there before and Elder Fife said that every time he has eaten there more people show up after and it was the same for us! We drove back home and went to bed!

Wednesday March 4

Today we configured our new iPads! Our lesson with Robert rescheduled, our lesson with Chris cancelled and our lesson with the Paynes rescheduled... We made visits all day.  Pretty boring day.

Thursday March 5

Today we did weekly planning. Our appointment with Sister Rhodes cancelled. When we talked to Cole about coming to church and meeting with us.  He seemed really uninterested, which was really frustrating because the last lesson we had with him was awesome. Our lesson with the Paynes rescheduled. So we made visits the rest of the evening. Pretty awful day.

Friday March 6

Today we taught our investigator Robert the second half of the Plan of Salvation which went well he feels like he needs to study more to make a commitment. Afterwards we had zone meeting which was pretty boring but fun to see everyone. The rest of the evening we made visits. Then headed to Bellemont for exchanges. I'm staying in Lake Mary/ Walnut Canyon with Elder Ockey should be really fun!

Saturday March 7

Today was really fun with Elder Ockey! We visited a lot of their potential investigators today. The highlight of the day was helping a part member family move a 200 gallon fish tank which weighed 350 pounds!!! It was so hard to move it from the apartment they bought it from to the truck. But moving it from the truck to their apartment was easier because they bought a floor dolly! It was a lot of fun and they were very appreciative! Me and Elder Ockey are like the same person it's so crazy how alike we were. We headed back to Bellemont to exchange back. It was an awesome day!

Sunday March 8

Nobody came to church today :( we taught gospel principles which was good. We had dinner again at the smiths shocker I know it's only ten Sunday's in a row they've fed us because nobody signs up for Sunday's. Then we took some of the leftovers to Frankie. Then we taught the Christiansen's, the Ellico's, and Fergus family at the Christiansen's.  Average day looking forward to pday!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Ashby

Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 29

Hello everyone!  Here is the week rundown...

Monday February 23

Today was a pretty fun P-Day. We had Zone activity where we played speedball, deathball, chair soccer and basketball. It was a good time!

Our lessons with the Pearson's and Travis Grantham cancelled. 

Tuesday February 24

Today our appointment with Chris cancelled. We're going to see if we can have every single appointment cancel on us this week because we are already on track!  We made some visits to end the night and the visit that will always put a smile on my face to end the night is the Flannery's.

Wednesday February 25

Today we had a good time with the Spanish Elders. We weren't as diligent in our studies as we should have been because we were taking turns playing four way chess during studies! We went to lunch then had trouble doing our online time because the Internet and phone signals were wacco for all of Arizona we heard due to an optic fiber cut. We made some visits and Robert had to reschedule our lesson for tomorrow.

We taught Brother Ramsay and then had dinner at the Terry's. We then had correlation meeting with Brother Ellico who apparently is still acting as WML even though he was released. We made visits the rest of the night.

Thursday February 26

Today we had district meeting where we discussed the luau a lot.

Afterwards we had lessons with Robert and Cole that both cancelled. We picked up dinner from the Price's and then made visits to end the night. We found out the Brother Ford is our new WML should be fun!

Friday February 27

This morning we had interviews with President Griffin which went well.

After lunch and online time we did our weekly planning. After dinner our lesson with the Adam's rescheduled and then we taught Frankie.

Saturday February 28

Today we didn't have much going on. We shared a message with Brother Fuchsberger and made visits the whole day. Our appointment with the Adams's cancelled because they were sick.  The highlight was after planning playing with hand sanitizer and fire!

Sunday March 1

Today church got cancelled due to weather conditions. Then we were told later to stay in all day as well. We wanted some snacks from the mish fridge so we went and the roads really weren't even that bad.

Sister Flannery was about to snow blow so I took care of it! It was probably the most fun I've had dealing with snow on someone's driveway and I have no idea why probably just because it was a huge help to her! My hair got drenched because it was a wet snow so it looked like I just got out of the shower! The rest of the day we watched the movies we have at our apartment like the restoration and stuff on the new and Old Testament. Pretty low key day but it was nice!
Hope everyone's week has been great!
Love you all,
Elder Ashby
Message from Sister Flannery:
They saved my life!!!  OK that is a little dramatic LOL.  But I won't lie, I was very grateful for their help.  The just starting up the snow blower like it was nothing and took over.  I was wondering if I was going to be able to get out to drive to work even in four wheel drive. Ironically since we had a snow day at Church I had just made some cookies and pulled some bread from the oven, and made a pot roast, taters and gravy that I could at least send home with them.  I really was sooooo grateful for their spontaneous act of service!