Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 32

Hello everyone,
Here is the update for the week.
Monday March 16

Today we had Zone Activity which was pretty lame. We played soccer and Ultimate Frisbee. Our lesson with Travis Grantham cancelled. We made visits the rest of the night. And the Spanish elders are staying the night!

Tuesday March 17

St. Patrick's day! Today the Spanish elders came with us to do service at Barbara's house! We had dinner with brother Stewart! He got my hopes up though, we were talking about food allergies and he mentioned he was really allergic to protein powder he found out and Elder Meisenbacher was like Elder Ashby loves protein so he's like well I'll go get it for you but he couldn't find it and he thinks his wife threw it away! We had really good Reese's cheesecake! We saw a really cool Polaris Jetray! Made visits to end the night!

Wednesday March 18

Today we taught Sister Rhodes then made visits the rest of the afternoon. We were supposed to have dinner with the Flannery's but some of the big shots from Brother Flannery's work came to town so they had to go to dinner with them. We made visits to end the night and most enjoyable visiting the Flannery's, shocker!

Thursday March 19

Today Freddie took us out to lunch at Pine country, which was really good! Afterwards we had weekly planning which was boring as you will see in the videos, haha! We taught Brother Ramsay. After dinner we made visits but best of them all was the Grantham's!

Friday March 20

Today we headed to Phoenix with Elder Chidister and Weeks for trainer trainee meeting! It was awesome to see some of the Elders that came out with me! When we got back we had dinner with the Anderson's which was awesome! Then we headed to Bellemont for an unorthodox exchange where we worked from 7-9 and then will exchange back tomorrow at district meeting!

Saturday March 21

Today Elder Kwock had to do a baptismal interview so I hung out with the Zone Leaders during that! Afterwards, we went to prepare for district meeting! President Perry, the first counselor, was up here doing a baptismal interview for someone that was on parole, so he stayed and got our district pizza! After district meeting we had ice cream to celebrate Elder Kwock's last week! When we got back to Williams after some visits in parks we had dinner with the Flannery's which is always amazing! Then we made visits the rest of the night.

Sunday March 22

Today Williams sacrament was good! Travis Grantham came! We didn't get the chance to talk to him. Then we headed to the Grand Canyon because we got roped into speaking. Elder Meisenbacher only spoke for 7 minutes.... So I spoke for 40 haha! When we got back to town we gave Barbara a blessing. We had dinner at the Tieman's then we shared a message with the Christiansen's. We have the Spanish Elders out here for work tomorrow!

Monday March 23
Today the Spanish Elders were here so that makes for a fun morning! We did some service for Barbara Wilson with the Spaniards! We had dinner with the Terry's, then we started making visits telling people goodbye. I told Terrance I might be leaving, which was hard he was crying a little bit when we were saying goodbye and as we were walking away he yelled "I love you with all my heart". I'm gonna miss Terrance so much! When we went to grab a sweater from the apartment for Elder Meisenbacher we were leaving and there was Elder Busick at the front door with Elder Shepherd and Ockey because Elder Ockey is companionless for a couple days. They came out to Williams because the Lord's have been going to their ward for some weird reason so they visited them. We showed them the mish fridge then made a couple more visits.

 I got the notice today that I am being Transferred.  I am not sure where or who I will be with.  I will find that out tomorrow.  I will let you all know where I land next week!
Love and miss you all!
Elder Ashby
Message from Sister Flannery this week:

Here's these two awesome missionaries after a long District Meeting.  So good to have them over for what we feel is "one last time".  As you know, transfers are this week and we've just got a gut feeling that one and/or both are getting transferred!
So my heart is super full and maybe needlessly lol - but it just feels like it's happening!
And Steve I've been a total slacker!  They've had me on a swing shift since January and I haven't been home to do meals like I like to do.  Last night, we called them at 3:30 and they didn't have an dinner appt (not Utah here lol), so we threw some goodness on the grill.
Bro. Flan has a crazy good ability to get these guys laughing hard and unwound from any stresses - I think they needed that!
I have to say... and this is with a huge lump in my throat and a spot in my heart that Elder Ute has been a straight up blessing to Williams and to us.  I can't tell you how much we love that guy!  He has made a huge difference for good here.  I know things have been slow recently, but not because any lack of effort.  He is nothing short of amazing and we love him to death.
He's been here for 7 1/2 months and we have gotten so attached to him!  He was sent here no doubt for many reasons - he has blessed many lives while he was here and if he does get transferred, he can go with his head held high knowing that he has served the Lord through the people of Williams with great energy and love.
Cyber hug back at ya!!!   You and Sonia have done an amazing job raising this young man - and because of it we all are blessed.  So, before I get back to work I have to tell you Danny's text to the Elders last night.... "Utes beat Georgetown 75-64.  Uh... I mean read your scriptures, say your prayers and choose the right".  Got a big hahahaha back.
Here are a few more pictures from this week.

I have learned to play the piano so well while I have been on my mission!!!


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