Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 49

Hello from sunny Arizona!

July 20
Today was a really weird P-day. We had Robbie's funeral that we attended which was nice. My email was being berserk all day which was a really big bummer. We got our haircuts. We had dinner with the Jefferies which was really good! We shared our small and simple things message with the Browers and visited some other families.

July 21
Today was good! Brother Hartley took us out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant which was really tasty! We got a call from the other Elders to help a potential investigator of theirs to move some stuff into a storage unit which took our whole afternoon. We had dinner with the Langford's. We went and helped the Corona's move and then we went to have Eduardo's baptism interview because Quenia (apparently how Kenya is spelled) didn't show up. Eduardo did great and that finished the night!

July 22
Today was legit! Brother Hebner took us to IHOP for breakfast! After studies and online time we made some visits then had dinner with the Podbielski family. We went to the church for Quenia's interview and as Elder Nistler and Smith were talking to Brenda she decided to do her interview tonight as well!  Both of them passed, so Quenia and Eduardo will be baptized on Friday and Brenda the following week on Saturday! We made some visits the rest of the night inviting people to the baptism.

July 23
Today was pretty good. We had our weekly planning which was good. We had dinner with the Borks which was really cool. We had Coordination where we coordinated the baptism. We had splits where I taught John Christman and that went well. We visited Brother Schiefelbein to end the night.

July 24
Happy Pioneer day! We had a really good District Meeting and the Senior Couple, the Franklin's, provided lunch. We then prepared for the baptism!!! The baptism went really well! Elder Smith baptized Eduardo and I baptized Quenia!!! Afterwards we exchanged and we were going to go out to eat with Elder Nistler and Elder Jensen and Bishop decided to take us to a Mexican restaurant which was really good. Me and Elder Jensen made a couple visits to end the night!

July 25
This morning after studies we went and helped Elder Cook and Romney with a service project for their member. Then after lunch we went and helped a member move in to our ward. Then we went to dinner with the Reynolds. After dinner we went and set up for the Pioneer Day activity which was a blast! We played Missionaries versus the kids which was so fun! The activity was great and afterwards we did exchange wrap ups I'm excited to be Companions with Elder Jensen if all goes the way it's supposed to!

July 26
Church was awesome! The confirmations went really well. I confirmed Eduardo and Elder Smith confirmed Quenia. Ward council was cancelled. Elder Smith did a lot of packing. We had cookies at the McCormick's, then had dinner with the Brower's, then homemade ice cream with Bishop, and then we visited the Jefferies. Pretty good day.

July 27
Today we had breakfast with all the Prescott Valley Missionaries at the Stake President Second Counselors home. Breakfast was super good!

We got back and Smith finished packing. We headed to the Church to wait for his ride. It was really weird saying goodbye to Elder Smith, Elder Cook and Elder Salas. We went to the Mortimer's for dinner then we went to the Herrera's to talk about Brenda's baptism. We made a couple more visits to end the night looking forward to P-day tomorrow!

It has been a great week overall.  I love it when we have baptisms.  It is an awesome feeling to have during the meeting and actual ordinance.  I felt the Spirit so strong when I was down in the font and during the confirmation.  Can't wait until next Saturday when we get to do it all over again!

Hope you all have a wonderful week...

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Quenia and Eduardo Herrera Baptism

My District

Saying goodbye to Elder Smith

Saying goodbye to Elder Cook

Learning how to play the guitar...For the Beauty of the Earth is the song

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 48

Hello from Prescott Valley!!!

July 13
Today was pretty good. We had District activity where we went and hiked in the Gorge! My email was being screwy today which was a bummer. We went to the Kriwer's for basketball and dinner they had us over as well as Elder Jensen and Nistler for Elder Jensen and my birthday! It was really good and they are an awesome family! I got the silver in around the world! We went and shared our small and simple things message with the new move in family the Logan's which was really good!

July 14
Today we had Zone Conference which was really, really good! There was a really inspiring discussion about setting life goals. It was great to see some Flagstaff friends! On the way back from Cottonwood our car started acting up and we think the transmission is somehow messed up :( We walked to our dinner appointment with the Jeffrey's, then they gave us a ride to our lesson with the Banners, who then gave us a ride to the Kriwer's where we were scheduled for a lesson but they forgot and were out on a walk so they came back and we just visited and they took us to Sonic as a going away for Elder Smith because they are going out of town soon.

July 15
Today was pretty good. We took the car in to get fixed and got it all taken care of. We went with the other Elders to do service for Brother Trevor. We got a short time to study before our lesson with one of our Spanish investigators, Josie. We stopped by the Herrera's, then we went to dinner with another Spanish family, Blanca, Pinal and Jimmy Tapia. We had a lesson with the Podbielski's and our appointments with the Dugan's and Grinter's had to cancel. We talked to Bishop about our car then we visited the Brower's who are going through a bit of a rough time, but it was a really good visit and we really helped them out.

July 16
Today after studies Brother O'Connor took us out to lunch for my birthday which was a pretty good diner. We did our weekly planning and then had dinner with the James. We had our Coordination Meeting, then splits.

Elder Smith taught the Herrera's and I taught Brother Christman. We came back to meet and did a couple things online.

July 17
This morning we went and helped the other Elders move a family which was fun. We got back and had lunch. We had dinner with the McCormick family which was good. We helped the Hoggard's move and then went to the Buckmaster's for their Small and Simple things picture. We made visits the rest of the night and had some fun finding a tarantula and the other Elders finding a big frog. We are exchanging so I am with Elder Cook in their area tomorrow.

July 18
Today we went over to the Miller's, who are the ones who have lost their son and a lot of people from the Ward were there and we did a lot of yard work. We then went and did yard work for one of their (the other Elders) members. We got ready for their investigators baptism, Sam Biggler, and the baptism was really great Kenya and Brenda Herrera came and seemed to enjoy it.

We went and talked to Eduardo and Kenya afterwards then went to the Church for a Coordination Meeting with Brother Dalton in preparation for Stake Coordination.

July 19
Today was pretty good. Brenda, Kenya, Eduardo, and Maria Juvera came to Church. Stake Coordination this morning was good. After Church we had a really good lunch. We did some studies and online. We had dinner with the Burgman's. We visited Eduardo and dropped off the leftover birthday cake. We visited the Jefferies for a long time which was a blast!

I hope you all have had a great week.  The work is moving along here.  The Ward Members are really starting to catch the vision and are helping us out.  It is great to see.

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Here are a few pictures of some of the events we had this week!!

This is the Kriwer family

Tarantula and Frog videos
Eduardo Herrera challenging me to arm wrestling

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 47

Hello all...11 month mark today!  Here is the week in review...

July 6
Today was a pretty boring P-day. We woke up early so we could get our shopping in before studies. We hung out at the Church with the other Elders and went to their house to chill for a bit. We had a lesson with the Herrera's in the middle of our P-day. They are ready for baptism but the Dad is causing some family drama so it will probably have to be pushed back :(. We made visits the rest of the night.

July 7
I got three packages today! Its like my birthday is coming up soon or something! Today we went to the Jeffrey's and sanded their table so they can refinish it, but we didn't get it all done. Afterwards we did our studies and some online time and then had dinner with the Wimber family. We went to the Church to look for a children's Book of Mormon and talked to Bishop for a bit. We made visits the rest of the night.

July 8
Today was pretty good. We made a lot of visits in the afternoon. We had dinner with Sister Rojas, who doesn't really speak English, so it was weird for me and the dinner was pretty spicy which didn't make my mouth very happy, but as missionaries do, I forced it down. We had a lesson with the Podbielski family because his son is about to be 8. We had a lesson with the Grinters as well which went well. We went to the Church for a restroom break and ended up talking to Elder Nistler about Zone Meeting coming up this Friday.

July 9
Today was a really off day. We got word that the grandpa and son of one of our members families were found dead after they had been lost for a day, so the whole ward was in a funk. We did our weekly planning.

We ate dinner with the Gonzales family which was soooooo gooood they asked what I wanted and I said Italian food so they had a Italian trio! We had coordination then splits. Elder Smith went to the Herrera's and I taught Brother Christman the Plan of Salvation. After splits we went and taught the Reeds and they were a little shaken up because she had the young boy in her Sunday School class. The lesson was really good though and their kid, Rowen, is so cool we sang I Need Thee Every Hour with the guitar to them which was a lot of fun!

July 10
This morning we went to the Rotsteen family to help him dig out a tree from his yard and then they gave us a nice breakfast! We went home and prepared for Zone Meeting which was good! We had dinner with the Wimbers again. We were supposed to go to the Herrera's to give the parents a blessing, but Rigo wasn't there. We shared our small and simple things message with the Meynards and then made a couple visits to end the night.

July 11
Today we helped one of Elder Jensen and Nistlers members move and then we all four went to the Jeffrey's to finish sanding the table and chairs. We then went home and had studies then went to meet Elder Cook and Romney towards Phoenix to pick them up from their Temple trip. We got back and had dinner with the Platts which was really good! We made visits the rest of the night. We had a scare when we had an accidental encounter with a bee!

July 12
Today was pretty good! I appreciate all the Birthday cards/ Gifts from everybody! Tell Regina and them I got their card and thanks! Church was good, but no investigators came. After church I had a baptismal interview for Sam Biggler who was taught by Elder Cook and Romney which went really well! We went and scarfed down some lunch before Ward Council. We had dinner at The Cooley's. Bishop and Sister Cooley took good care of me making me a birthday cake on a one day notice! It was really awesome to see how much the Ward loves us today with everyone telling me happy birthday! We shared our small and simple things message with the Kleinman's and then the Kendall's! Then we decided to try and cheer up brother Jeffrey's so we took the guitar and lots of sombreros over to serenade them which was a blast!

I hope everyone has a great week. 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Here are a few pictures from this week.

Singing with Rowan Reed

Sanding Project

Cheering up the Jeffery's

Birthday at the Cooley's...

I still got some hops!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 46

Hello from Prescott Valley!!

June 22
Today was pretty good day! We got our haircuts and shopping done! I'm really enjoying being companions with Elder Smith one reason being he likes to eat really healthy which helps me do that as well! We got home and made Tilapia, Quinoa, and steamed vegetables and I made a fruit smoothie it was a really good meal!!! We went down to Prescott with the rest of the Zone and played a lot of volleyball and basketball which was a blast.  We have a really athletic zone which is a lot of fun! We had another lesson with RJ at the Hoggard's and talked to him about referring him to the YSA. Then we made some visits to end the night.

June 23
Today was a pretty good day. For morning exercise we went to a school and played basketball with some old guys and the other missionaries which was a lot of fun! I am enjoying having an extra hour of studies due to language study! We figured out some stuff online and made some visits. We had dinner with the Kleinman's who are really cool! We had a lesson with the Herrera family which was interesting because I taught Eduardo in English and Elder Smith taught Brenda and Kenya in Spanish. Then we went to the Jeffrey family to soak him as propaganda for the stake fireside which was hilarious! We made a couple visits before heading in!

June 24
Today We went to Prescott to have the recall on our car fixed and to take care of license stuff. We had lunch at Speed's deli which had amazing sandwiches!!! We did studies and Online when we got back. We made some visits before having dinner with the Buckmasters. We made visits the rest of the night!

June 25
Today we played basketball with everyone at the school and then went to the other missionaries apartment for breakfast because we all had service together.  We then went and helped people load everything from their storage unit to a trailer. We did our studies then had weekly planning. We had dinner with the Montes family. We had coordination meeting, then Brother James and I taught John Christman on splits which went well. We visited the Burgmans to end the night.

June 26
Today was a pretty good day! District meeting went really well and everyone loved the object lesson I came up with! The Senior Couple, the Franklins, provided our District with lunch afterwards which was really good! After District Meeting we went to some members at an Orthodontist office because their boss wanted to give away 5 Book of Mormon's which was pretty cool. We figured out the online initiative we are going to do and had dinner with the Bork family and they are awesome! Our lessons with the Herrera family and Katie both canceled so we made visits all night and then exchanged, so I am with Elder Romney in the Agua Fria and Mingus foothill areas!

June 27
Today was a lot of fun! Elder Romney and I had a really fun and productive day! We found out that we have the same birthday but he is a year older! We helped one of their investigators, Mark, jump start his car and fix his garage. We taught the Rice family, they are a part member family with the members being recent converts. The dad, Sam, told us in the lesson that he wanted to be baptized, which was super cool! We then helped one of their members move everything out of their storage unit into their house. We had dinner with the Rora family and then taught the O'cullen family about tithing which went well. Then we had exchange wrap ups which made for a really good day!

June 28
Today was awesome!!! We had 5 people at church today but not our investigators on date. We had a lady that has been investigating for years and a family of potentials who were invited to a baby blessing!

After church we had Ward Council which was good. We had a really yummy dinner with the Platt's and then we went to prepare for the Stake Fireside. The Fireside was absolutely awesome!!! We had a great turnout that filled about half of the gym overflow. Elder Jensen and I went around all the groups making sure it was running smoothly and everything went as planned. President Griffin was here and spoke at the opening and it was super awesome and super productive! We cleaned up the building to end the night!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Here are some pictures from our Stake Fireside that we helped put on.

Elder Madsen was going home this transfer.  We got to be good friends.
This is a video of a Javelina (have-a-lean-uh).  They are wild pigs that are very mean.