Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 49

Hello from sunny Arizona!

July 20
Today was a really weird P-day. We had Robbie's funeral that we attended which was nice. My email was being berserk all day which was a really big bummer. We got our haircuts. We had dinner with the Jefferies which was really good! We shared our small and simple things message with the Browers and visited some other families.

July 21
Today was good! Brother Hartley took us out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant which was really tasty! We got a call from the other Elders to help a potential investigator of theirs to move some stuff into a storage unit which took our whole afternoon. We had dinner with the Langford's. We went and helped the Corona's move and then we went to have Eduardo's baptism interview because Quenia (apparently how Kenya is spelled) didn't show up. Eduardo did great and that finished the night!

July 22
Today was legit! Brother Hebner took us to IHOP for breakfast! After studies and online time we made some visits then had dinner with the Podbielski family. We went to the church for Quenia's interview and as Elder Nistler and Smith were talking to Brenda she decided to do her interview tonight as well!  Both of them passed, so Quenia and Eduardo will be baptized on Friday and Brenda the following week on Saturday! We made some visits the rest of the night inviting people to the baptism.

July 23
Today was pretty good. We had our weekly planning which was good. We had dinner with the Borks which was really cool. We had Coordination where we coordinated the baptism. We had splits where I taught John Christman and that went well. We visited Brother Schiefelbein to end the night.

July 24
Happy Pioneer day! We had a really good District Meeting and the Senior Couple, the Franklin's, provided lunch. We then prepared for the baptism!!! The baptism went really well! Elder Smith baptized Eduardo and I baptized Quenia!!! Afterwards we exchanged and we were going to go out to eat with Elder Nistler and Elder Jensen and Bishop decided to take us to a Mexican restaurant which was really good. Me and Elder Jensen made a couple visits to end the night!

July 25
This morning after studies we went and helped Elder Cook and Romney with a service project for their member. Then after lunch we went and helped a member move in to our ward. Then we went to dinner with the Reynolds. After dinner we went and set up for the Pioneer Day activity which was a blast! We played Missionaries versus the kids which was so fun! The activity was great and afterwards we did exchange wrap ups I'm excited to be Companions with Elder Jensen if all goes the way it's supposed to!

July 26
Church was awesome! The confirmations went really well. I confirmed Eduardo and Elder Smith confirmed Quenia. Ward council was cancelled. Elder Smith did a lot of packing. We had cookies at the McCormick's, then had dinner with the Brower's, then homemade ice cream with Bishop, and then we visited the Jefferies. Pretty good day.

July 27
Today we had breakfast with all the Prescott Valley Missionaries at the Stake President Second Counselors home. Breakfast was super good!

We got back and Smith finished packing. We headed to the Church to wait for his ride. It was really weird saying goodbye to Elder Smith, Elder Cook and Elder Salas. We went to the Mortimer's for dinner then we went to the Herrera's to talk about Brenda's baptism. We made a couple more visits to end the night looking forward to P-day tomorrow!

It has been a great week overall.  I love it when we have baptisms.  It is an awesome feeling to have during the meeting and actual ordinance.  I felt the Spirit so strong when I was down in the font and during the confirmation.  Can't wait until next Saturday when we get to do it all over again!

Hope you all have a wonderful week...

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Quenia and Eduardo Herrera Baptism

My District

Saying goodbye to Elder Smith

Saying goodbye to Elder Cook

Learning how to play the guitar...For the Beauty of the Earth is the song

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