Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 50

Greetings from the Phoenix North Area

As a Zone Leader my companion and I are over 2 different Wards, Cactus View (family) Ward and the North Phoenix Young Single Adult Ward.

July 28
P-day wasn't very eventful but fortunately my email was working well so emailing went really well. I got a call from President Griffin about being a Zone Leader, but unfortunately it was in a different Zone which wasn't what any of us expected. I am still really excited for the upcoming transfer.

July 29
Today was a blast! Transfers went well and was so much fun to see everyone like Oliphant, Ockey, Earl, Melsen, everybody! The meeting was very long because we had Mission Conference right after the transfers. Our meeting went from having a leadership meeting at 9am and the Mission Conference ending at 4pm. My new companion is Elder Anderson, he seems pretty cool! We got back to Phoenix North in the Cactus View (Family ward) and the Phoenix North YSA ward. We had coordination with the YSA Ward which went really well then we taught Ashley one of the YSA potential investigators, which was an interesting lesson, but I think we will be able to help her as we continue to meet with her.

Pretty good day.

July 30
Today was really good. We went and trained the two new District Leaders on their duties. We had lunch with Elder Cross and Nicholson.

We did our weekly planning. We had dinner with the Cooks from the family ward which was really good. We made visits the rest of the night which, included talking to a drunk lady who was the sister of a less active member, but she might sit in on a lesson when we set one up with the Sister so we will see where that goes.

July 31
Today was pretty good! We had lunch with Elder Nicholson and Cross again, which is apparently a fairly common occurrence. We went to the other districts District Meeting for a little bit before heading to our District Meeting which went well! We had some YSA members, Charlie and Nick, take us to Panda Express for dinner.  They were a cool couple. We taught one of our investigators, Christa, which was ok.  She didn't really pay attention because of her young daughterc but it was still a good lesson.

Tomorrow we are meeting with a referral from one of our members who seems to be absolutely golden and solid!!!

August 1
Today was pretty good! When we were leaving lunch with the other Elders we had stolen back Elder Anderson's Nesquick and Elder Nicholson saw it, so he came running out after us and we started to drive away so he jumped in the back of our truck bed, haha! We made some visits in the afternoon and then went to Taco Bell with the other Elders. We had a short lesson with our investigator, Deserae, which went pretty well. Then we taught our referral, Trisha, who was either really tired or is just kinda crazy, but she is a golden investigator and was asking when she can be baptized but we are going to wait till the next lesson to set a date with her. Pretty good day though.

August 2
Today was pretty good. Going to two Wards was kinda tough with all the meetings, haha. Church was good though. Trisha came and seemed to like it! After church we had dinner with the Donnor's who are pretty cool.

We made some visits the rest of the night then picked up Elder Nicholson and Cross to sleep over as tomorrow is P-day!

I hope all is well with everyone! 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

I found some Pirate booty!!!  Arrrggghhhh....

Elder Anderson is really tall.  He reminds me of my buddy from High School, Max.  Elder Anderson is from Canada!

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