Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 51

Greetings all!!!

August 3
Today was a pretty good P-day. Elder Anderson got his haircut today. We went to the Stake Center to play basketball and volleyball which was really fun! We made visits the whole night.

August 4
Today was pretty good. Finally finished the book, Jesus the Christ!!! We had MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) for a big chunk of the day and I really enjoyed it for the most part!

We got back and had dinner with the Carpenters. We then taught Trisha, which went ok. We made a few visits to end the night.

August 5
Today was an average day. We took Elder Weeks his bike that we picked up from the Mission Office yesterday. We taught Jessica the first lesson who has a boyfriend on a mission, she will be moving up to Flagstaff in a couple weeks. We took Elder Stott and Lois to the bike shop so they could get one of their tires fixed. We had dinner with Sister Simon and the other Elders because our appointment couldn't feed us tonight. We had coordination meeting and then taught a recent convert, Juan, about the priesthood.

August 6
Today was pretty uneventful missionary wise. After Studies I wrote a little rap. We went to lunch at a Mexican restaurant because Elder Lois got his visa and will be taking off to New Guinea on Monday, so we went with Stott, Lois, Cross, and Nicholson. We went to the Church with Elder Nicholson and Cross, so Elder Cross could practice his musical number with Hermana Johnson. Then we had to go to the Mission Office to pick up Elder Lois packages. We did our weekly planning and then Brother Marcott took us to a Chinese buffet for dinner. Our appointment with some members didn't show up so we made visits and then went to Sister Simon's house to rap with Elder Cross and Nicholson which was so much fun!!!

August 7
Today was busy, but good! We had lunch with Nicholson and Cross as usual. Then we had Zone Meeting, which went really well but longer than we expected so we had to cancel on Trisha. We had dinner with the Squires. Then we got a call from Brother Lychlyter asking if I could give a talk on Sunday because someone told him they couldn't speak, so we did some things on Facebook then I wrote my talk.

August 8
Today was a really fun day! We had to drive to the Mission Home to pick up more packages for Elder Lui, who leaves for New Guinea on Monday! His family sent him a dang kitchen full of junk food it was ridiculous! We had to figure out all the recent converts information today for Stake Coordination tomorrow which was not so fun! We had dinner dropped off by Sister Johnson. We then went and picked up a guitar to borrow from the Jacksons which made me so happy!!!! We had a lesson with a recent convert, Makaila, which went really well. Then I finally got to meet our family ward's Ward Mission Leader because they were out of town and he tuned the guitar for me!!!

August 9
Today was pretty good. We had an early morning due to Stake Coordination but it went well and I got President Hettinger on board with all the Facebook things! Church was good we had Ashli come and a investigator that moved into our ward named Jacque Short. It was another long day. The Jacksons dropped off dinner then we went and made visits the rest of the night.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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