Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 75

Greetings from Arizona!

January 18
Today was a good pday. We played some volleyball. We had the spiritual thought in FHE to introduce #OpenHourMouth to the YSA ward and it went really well! We made some visits and finished the slideshow and song to end the night!

January 19 
Today was pretty crazy but good! We had MLC where President Griffin did all the training and we watched three videos from the Quorum of the 12 that were training for mission presidents. We got back and picked up dinner from sister Barrier. We had to reschedule with Tina because Thomas didn't show up. We had a just serve meeting with the stake which wasn't very fun an then we made a couple visits to end the night.  

January 20
Today was busy but good. We watched the worldwide missionary broadcast where we heard from Oaks, Anderson and Bednar. We counseled with the Sister Training Leader and the District Leaders for Zone Meeting. Our splits fell through. We picked up dinner from Sister Raje. We had a good coordination then a good lesson with Jacob Baum to end the night. 

January 21
Today was good. After weekly planning I did a baptismal interview for Netiece we had dinner at home. Our lesson with Autumn and cancelled. We did #OpenYourMouth chalking to end the night. 

January 22
Zone Meeting was long but good today! We had dinner with the Affleck's! The Dutey's rescheduled with us. We did YSA #OpenYourMouth chalking to end the night. 

January 23
Not a whole lot happening today. We did Ysa #OpenYourMouth chalking all afternoon and had dinner with the Johnson's. We taught Nick and made some visits to end the night. 

January 24
Today was good. Desiree and Chance came to church. We had dinner with the Woods which was good. We made visits to end the night. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Ashby

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week 74

The only thing we received from Elder Ashby was a Facebook post of a song that he and his companion wrote and put music to.  You can go listen to it by going to Elder Trent Ashby's Facebook link. 

Here are the words of the song.

Because of Him
He gave this life, He gave us His Son, He gave us this world for everyone
To be in it and to live in but to truly not be of it, 
and find that peace we need through the Holy One

Who is He that walked on water, And Who is He that healed the sick
Gave the blind their sight, told the dumb to talk, gave strength to the lame so that they could walk
Brought the dead back to life, showed us He's the one,
who would lead us back to heaven when all is done.

In a Garden one night He plead with The Father,
for another way to save His sons and daughters.
But He said Thy Will be done, 
so the Atonement had begun
He bled from every pore, pain took Him to the floor
overcame the world opened salvations door

Betrayed by His friend, Mocked by Pharisee men
Taken then to Pilate, He said, answering him
My Kingdom is not of this world, To this end was I born, 
and for this cause came I into the world

He is Jesus, King of Kings
Lord of Lords and author of salvation

A crown of thorns laid on His head, a heavy cross and a mile he had
To where He was nailed on the cross and hung high on Calvary
There he suffered and died for you and me
Forgive them for they know not what they do
Father why hast thou forsaken me
into thy hands I commend my spirits

He Rose again
Now Death has no end
And resurrection is to all men
You and I, and our family
Because of Him we can be together for eternity.

He is Jesus, King of kings
Lord of Lords and author of Salvation., (X2)

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Week 73

Hello all....first off, I am staying in my area for another transfer and best news is Elder B and I will be together for at minimum another 6 weeks.

January 4
Today was good. Average Pday we hung out at the Stake Center got a haircut. FHE was with the Glendale Ward so we made visits all evening.  

January 5
Today was good. We had a Zone Leader Webex meeting. We finished our #openyourmouth initiative. We made some visits before dinner with the Billy's. We had our lesson with Autumn and Alva reschedule for tomorrow. We made some visits before exchanging with North Mountain. Elder Hawkins is with me in our area. 

January 6
Today was good. We finished our advertisement for the Relief Society Auction as well as the Stake Coordination reports. We made some visits before teaching Luke and Leo. We had a pick up dinner from the Archers. We had a good coordination and lesson with Autumn and Alva before exchanging back.

January 7
Today was good. We had a good weekly planning session. We had dinner with the Marcotte's which was really good. We taught Delaney Dutey and she is now working towards the 6th of February. It was a really interesting lesson with the Masoner's, haha! We made visits to end the night.

January 8
It was a pretty good day today. District meeting went well. We taught Chance which was kinda frustrating. We had a pick up dinner from the Roatch's. We shared #OpenYourMouth with the Tuala's who are awesome! We then taught Nick which went well. Also got the Christmas package I was waiting for. 

January 9
Today was good. We made visits. Then we finished putting our song to the slide show and helped the Spanish Elders with an advertisement for their ward. We had dinner with the Canova's. We made visits before going to coordinate our list for award council with Brother Canova to end the night. 

January 10
Today was good. Athena, Alva, Chance, Delaney, and Tina were at Church! It was crazy busy today. We had early morning Stake Coordination and in between wards we taught Chance so we didn't get to go back for lunch so we ate during YSA Gospel Principles. We had a pick up dinner from the Rivera's. We shared #OpenYourMouth with the Demeester and Degomez family then made some visits before ending the night. 

January 11
Today was good the whole afternoon we moved Elder Green and Fullmer into our apartment. We had dinner with the Benda's which was good. We played volleyball for FHE and made some visits to end the night. 

Hope things are great with everyone.

Elder Ashby

Moving Elder Green and Fullmer

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 72

December 28
Today was pretty good. We hung out at the Stake Center per usual. After going to FHE we made visits the rest of the night.

December 29
Today was a good day! After Lunch we went and talked with Elder Hawkins about some of the frustrations he is having. We made visits until we had dinner with the Thomas's which was really good! We then went to Nick's baptism which went great except the water being really cold haha! We then visited Alva before heading in!

December 30
Today was good we did our weekly planning then made visits before having dinner with the West's who are very interesting. We thought we were having coordination meeting but it was not so we made visits the rest of the evening.

December 31
Today was pretty uneventful. We took our car into the mission office for the windshield repair Elder Johnson from the mission staff gave us a ride back so we wouldn't be waiting there all day. We took a nap and played some guitar before having sister Simon drive us to the mission office to pick up our truck. We had dinner with the Twiggs which was good then we played guitar until bedtime!

January 1
Happy New Years everyone! After studies and lunch we got together as a zone and played volleyball and speed ball which was a really good time! We then had dinner with the Affleck's which was good. After dinner me and Elder B worked on our slide show for our song which took the whole evening haha!

January 2
Today was pretty good! After studies and cleaning the church we made some visits before meeting with Jason to get him on board with the Years worth of initiatives that we planned out which went well! We had dinner with the Roatches which was good. We made visits before going to the church to meet with Brother Canova to get him on board with the years worth of initiatives and open our ward fast which was good!

January 3
Today was a really good day! There was a baby blessing and Nick's confirmation which was awesome! We had dinner with the Donner's which was good. We had a lesson with Sean Houston fall through and Elder Balenacagi wasn't feeling good as is normal for him on fast Sunday's so we stayed in and he rested while I studied. 

Hope you all have a great week.

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 71

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year....

Today was an average pday. We played salt and pepper and basketball. We shared the Christmas message with the Squire's. We then made some visits then got ready for exchanges. Elder Wells is with me in my area which should be a great day!

December 22
Today was a really fun day with Elder Wells! Chance didn't show up for our lesson again. We were going to teach the Lincoln's but Ashley got sick. We had dinner with the Benda's and shared our Christmas #PrayInvite! We then had Nick's Baptismal interview which he passed. We then taught Alva and Autumn before exchanging back. Elder Wells is an awesome guy!

December 23
Today was interesting. Elder Green and I went to the mission home and office to pick up all the supplies and Christmas packages. We got back and a member had given us a gift card for Panera for our dinner. We then shared our Christmas #PrayInvite message with the Gardner's and then the Maloney's!

December 24
Today was pretty relaxing. After Studies me and Elder B went and delivered all the Christmas gifts to all the missionaries in the zone! It was a good time being Santa for a couple hours haha! We hung out with Elder Green and Fullmer until we had dinner with the Huff's which was good. Afterwards we relaxed at sister Simon's house playing guitar until the elders got back from their lesson then we had a fun jam session haha!

December 25
Merry Christmas everyone! Today was pretty good. We had breakfast with a member of the North mountain ward and some of the other missionaries which was really good! Skype call was good, then we hung out playing guitar in the afternoon until dinner. We had a good dinner with the Roatches and then we went to the stake center to play salt and pepper which was a blast!

December 26
Today was really good! This morning we did our double exchange so the assistants could be on exchanges with me and Elder Green. Elder Clark came to my are with me. We cleaned the church and then we went with Shawbutte to help one of their members dig trenches for a sprinkler system he is putting in his backyard. After lunch we made visits until we had dinner with Bishop and Sister Hughes which was good. We made visits all night until exchanging back. Elder Clark is really cool and we had a really good time today.

December 27
Today was pretty good. Alice, Athena, and Nick came to church. We had dinner with the Gage's which was really good. Then we shared the Christmas message with the Jacksons. We then met with Nick to work out the logistics for the baptism before heading in.

Hope your week was great..

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Pictures of Santa deliveries and a video
Christmas mix and jam session. (Christmas mix in two parts)