Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 62

Greetings all....

October 20
Today was pretty good. We hung out with all the elders one last time. We had a lesson with Jane Miller which went well had to cancel on Alice and then we went to Brother Butlers house to give him a blessing as he had asked for and he texted us while were arriving saying he didn't need a blessing so we went over to Shawbutte for the night. 

October 21 
Today was really good! We had a good transfer meeting which didn't go as we expected but good outcomes. We went shopping with Elder Cross and Green. We took a bike to Elder Weeks and Chidester. We went out to Chicago Gyros for dinner. We had a good coordination then had two lessons with Alice and with Chance which went really well! Six of the nine zones now have stand alone zone leaders!

October 22 
Today was a really good day! We met with both of the new district leaders to talk with them about our zone. We had a good weekly planning. Eddies the killer headache I got. We had dinner with the Bryson's before making some visits then teaching Leah again! Lesson went well then we saw on Facebook that the Archers needed help giving their kid a blessing so we went and helped out before heading in.  
October 23
Today we went to both district meetings which were good. We had dinner with the Squires. We picked up Elder Young's iPad from North mountain and taught Meylia then proceeded to get lost trying to find someone and finding our way back home to end the night. 

October 24
Today was a really early morning because we had to be in Avondale at 6:30 for the painting service project out mission was doing. The project went till noon and it was a good time. We got back and had Alice's Baptismal interview but we will most likely have to push back her date. We picked up dinner from the Canova's. We taught Desiree and Leah which both went well! 

October 25
Today was pretty good. We had Desiree, Ty, Athena, Ashli, and Leah at church. We taught Shay Barraza. We had dinner with the Donner's. We shared #worthofsouls with Amanda and her friend José. We made some visits to end the night. 

Hope you all have a great week...

Elder Ashby

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 61

Greetings all!!!

October 12
Today was a pretty lame Pday. We hung out with the district and played some volleyball. We had our lesson with Chance cancel. We went to FHE then shared #prayinvite with the Canova's. 

October 13
Today was really rough. We didn't have much going on in the afternoon and both of us were going a little crazy. We picked up dinner from Sister Barrier then attended a stupid just serve meeting which really didn't seem to accomplish anything. Then we picked up some lists from Brother Rivera. 

October 14
Today was pretty good! We had Zone Conference which was awesome! After Zone Conference we exchanged with the Assistants so Elder Parkinson came to my area with me. Our dinner had to cancel so our dinner coordinator had made some calls and Sister Archer gave us a pick up meal. We dropped that off at the apartment because Elder Parkinson wanted to go out to eat so we went to chipotle. We had a good coordination. We taught Meylia which went well and then we exchanged back. 

October 15
Happy birthday dad! Today was a pretty good day! We had a good weekly planning. Our lesson with Ashli rescheduled. We had dinner with the Crapo's who are awesome! We had lessons with both Desiree and Alice which both went well! 

October 16
Today was pretty good. Elder Stott held District Meeting which was good. We had our lesson with Jacque fall through. We had dinner with the Roatches. We finally got to talk to Tony Corrio. We had a lesson with Jane Miller and then our lesson with Ashli fell through. We then exchange with Elder Wells and Miller! I am with Elder Miller in the Spanish area!

October 17
Today was a really fun day! I really love Elder Miller and he is a great kid with a lot of potential! We helped move one of our former investigators. We had dinner at Los Reys De La Torta which was really good and we had some lessons cancel but we did have a lesson with Jesus Ledezma before exchanging back!

October 18
Today was really good! We had Desiree, Alice, Ty, Shea, Ashli, and Laura at church! Brother Lish took me to home teach Nathan and Shea Barraza which resulted in her wanting to take the missionary lessons! We had dinner at the Woods. We shared #prayinvite with Brother Murray! We visited President Demeester to end the night! Also I forgot to include this in last weeks letter but thank the Heitellas for sending me a package!

October 19
Today was really good! We had two investigator lessons fall through. We had housing inspections and also worked on some solutions for transfers for President Griffin. We picked up dinner from Sister Barrier. We taught Desiree and went to FHE before teaching Laura. Laura's lesson went really well the spirit was super strong!

Love you all!

Elder Ashby

North Phoenix Zone

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 60

Hello all!!

October 5
Today was a pretty lame P-day an ingrown toenail was acting up today so I didn't get to ball like I wanted to so we just hung out at sister Simon's. We went to FHE and made visits all night. 

October 6
Today was really interesting. MLC was terrible and really just got on Elder Young and my nerves. We got back and Aaron Gidwani had to cancel dinner. We had three member presents cancel because of health problems. We taught Jane Miller. And then we helped out Elder Nicholson and Cross. I went with Cross to give a blessing while Nicholson stayed in because he is sick. 

October 7
Today we counseled with the District Leaders how Zone Meeting should go which was good. We had dinner with the Huff's. We had a good coordination and then made visits the rest of the evening. 

October 8
Today was a pretty good day. We worked on our Zone Meeting skits with Elder Nicholson and Stott. We had dinner with the Twiggs and then picked up the cord for iPad to TV from brother Morris. We had our lesson with Judie fall through but had a really good lesson with Alice before heading in. 

October 9
Today was really good. We had Zone Meeting which went really well! Multiple people said it was their favorite Zone Meeting! What made it a lot of fun was the skits we put together! We picked up dinner from Sister Bahr. We made visits the rest of the night. 

October 10
Today was a different day but good! We along with the Elders in our district helped the Archers move which went well besides Sister Archer saying Trent probably about 70 times that being Brother Archers first name haha! We retrieved our phone which we had left at North mountain. We met Jason Willet at Chino Banditos for dinner he brought Sarah and Juan, as well as Sister Simon taking the other elders there so we had a big Mormon party! We then went to the end of Desiree's birthday party at the Wood's house and shared a message.

October 11
Today was pretty good! Desiree, Alice, Chance, and Ashli came to church. We had early morning Stake Coordination which makes Fast Sunday rough haha! The YSA break the fast was good and then we had dinner with the Donner's which was also good! We taught Alice then visited Brother Canova before picking up Nicholson and Cross.

This was a video advertisement that we made for Conference...

Week 59

September 28
Today was a pretty brutal day. Pday was fun playing volleyball and basketball with the other Elders. We had the Callahan's lesson cancel. We went to FHE then had Derik's lesson cancel so we went and grabbed my ipad charger from Sister Simons house and I talked with Elder Nicholson for a long time and he really helped me out.

September 29
Today was alright. We had a zone leader Webex meeting which was ridiculously stupid. Then we talked to Elder Stott about his concerns in his district. We had dinner with the Newells. We dedicated A part members home then had splits where I taught Desiree and Elder Young taught Jane Miller. We went and picked up my stuff for exchanges and went over to Sister Simons. I will be with Elder Nicholson in his area tomorrow which should be fun!

September 30
Today was really strange. Elder Nicholson and I spent all afternoon working on our essay questions for BYU and I was able to finish and feel confident in the answers. We had dinner with the Darnell's. We then went on two different splits for their wards which went well. When we got to the apartment to exchange back Elder Young told me that we had to go take Elder Stott to the emergency room because he crashed on his bike pretty bad. He's ok just gonna be really sore. That ordeal made it a really late night because now it's quarter to midnight so probably gonna be tired tomorrow! 

October 1
Today was really good. We had a good weekly planning session and made some good progress on our presentation on social media for the stake presidency. We had dinner with the Marcotte's which was good. Our lesson with Zack Johnson fell through. We shared #WorthOfSouls with Juan! Then we taught Jeremy and Kali! 

October 2
Today was really good! We had a good district meeting then we worked on our funny advertisement for conference which I will send! We had dinner with the Aflects. We had a lesson with Desiree which went well and then another good lesson with Judie. 

October 3
Today was really good! Conference is always a blast! We had dinner with the Gage's! We had sandwiches with our ward after priesthood session. We taught Alice afterwards which went really really well!

October 4
Today was really good! Conference was good but these General conference sessions have been my least favorite on my mission but it's still good! Don't know if the members we lined up to take our investigators to conference just brought them to their home or what but no one was at the stake center with us. We had dinner with the Gardner's which was really good. We made some visits all the night.