Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 60

Hello all!!

October 5
Today was a pretty lame P-day an ingrown toenail was acting up today so I didn't get to ball like I wanted to so we just hung out at sister Simon's. We went to FHE and made visits all night. 

October 6
Today was really interesting. MLC was terrible and really just got on Elder Young and my nerves. We got back and Aaron Gidwani had to cancel dinner. We had three member presents cancel because of health problems. We taught Jane Miller. And then we helped out Elder Nicholson and Cross. I went with Cross to give a blessing while Nicholson stayed in because he is sick. 

October 7
Today we counseled with the District Leaders how Zone Meeting should go which was good. We had dinner with the Huff's. We had a good coordination and then made visits the rest of the evening. 

October 8
Today was a pretty good day. We worked on our Zone Meeting skits with Elder Nicholson and Stott. We had dinner with the Twiggs and then picked up the cord for iPad to TV from brother Morris. We had our lesson with Judie fall through but had a really good lesson with Alice before heading in. 

October 9
Today was really good. We had Zone Meeting which went really well! Multiple people said it was their favorite Zone Meeting! What made it a lot of fun was the skits we put together! We picked up dinner from Sister Bahr. We made visits the rest of the night. 

October 10
Today was a different day but good! We along with the Elders in our district helped the Archers move which went well besides Sister Archer saying Trent probably about 70 times that being Brother Archers first name haha! We retrieved our phone which we had left at North mountain. We met Jason Willet at Chino Banditos for dinner he brought Sarah and Juan, as well as Sister Simon taking the other elders there so we had a big Mormon party! We then went to the end of Desiree's birthday party at the Wood's house and shared a message.

October 11
Today was pretty good! Desiree, Alice, Chance, and Ashli came to church. We had early morning Stake Coordination which makes Fast Sunday rough haha! The YSA break the fast was good and then we had dinner with the Donner's which was also good! We taught Alice then visited Brother Canova before picking up Nicholson and Cross.

This was a video advertisement that we made for Conference...

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