Friday, October 30, 2015

Week 62

Greetings all....

October 20
Today was pretty good. We hung out with all the elders one last time. We had a lesson with Jane Miller which went well had to cancel on Alice and then we went to Brother Butlers house to give him a blessing as he had asked for and he texted us while were arriving saying he didn't need a blessing so we went over to Shawbutte for the night. 

October 21 
Today was really good! We had a good transfer meeting which didn't go as we expected but good outcomes. We went shopping with Elder Cross and Green. We took a bike to Elder Weeks and Chidester. We went out to Chicago Gyros for dinner. We had a good coordination then had two lessons with Alice and with Chance which went really well! Six of the nine zones now have stand alone zone leaders!

October 22 
Today was a really good day! We met with both of the new district leaders to talk with them about our zone. We had a good weekly planning. Eddies the killer headache I got. We had dinner with the Bryson's before making some visits then teaching Leah again! Lesson went well then we saw on Facebook that the Archers needed help giving their kid a blessing so we went and helped out before heading in.  
October 23
Today we went to both district meetings which were good. We had dinner with the Squires. We picked up Elder Young's iPad from North mountain and taught Meylia then proceeded to get lost trying to find someone and finding our way back home to end the night. 

October 24
Today was a really early morning because we had to be in Avondale at 6:30 for the painting service project out mission was doing. The project went till noon and it was a good time. We got back and had Alice's Baptismal interview but we will most likely have to push back her date. We picked up dinner from the Canova's. We taught Desiree and Leah which both went well! 

October 25
Today was pretty good. We had Desiree, Ty, Athena, Ashli, and Leah at church. We taught Shay Barraza. We had dinner with the Donner's. We shared #worthofsouls with Amanda and her friend José. We made some visits to end the night. 

Hope you all have a great week...

Elder Ashby

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