Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 63

Greetings all!!!

October 26
Today was pretty good. We hung out with Elder Green and Cross and played some volleyball. We had our lesson with Chance fall through. We didn't go to FHE because they went to a corn maze. We went to the Donner's and they helped us out with our advertisement for the trunk or treat! We then went to the Canova's to counsel about what we want to do for our station at the trunk or treat. 

October 27
Today we took Elder Chidester and Weeks to get a bike. We then went and picked up supplies for everyone. We got back and made visits before Sister Jackson dropped off dinner. We taught Jacque which went well our appointment with Desiree fell through. We taught Leah which also went well. 

October 28
Today was pretty good. We met with Elder Hawkins to discuss social media. We made some visits and then shared #prayinvite with Sister Barrier. We had an alright dinner with the Cleverly's. We had a good coordination. Our lesson with Meylia fell through. 

October 29
Today was a good day. We had to pick up a Elder Cross and Green's dry cleaning before district meeting. President Griffin came to the meeting which was awesome. He sent me an Elder Young out to pick up lunch for everybody which was crazy but fun. We had interviews with President which went well. We did some weekly planning before dinner with the Blacks. We went with Brother Canova to make some visits. We shared #worthofsouls with Amber Shondee to end the night. 

October 30
Today was pretty sweet! We chalked a lot of people's driveways from the ward. We taught Leah and shared #prayinvite with the Bryson's. We chilled at our apartment for dinner then went to the trunk or treat which was a blast and our cup game as super popular!

October 31
Happy Halloween everyone! Today was pretty legit! We helped clean the church. We helped the Archers move again! After dropping off Elder Chidester and Weeks we had dinner with the Roatche's who made tomb stone tater tots and mummy dogs! We then were free all night with no proselyting so we went to the church library and watched the living scriptures! Favorite one was Elijah, he's a stallion! 

November 1
Today was a pretty good day! We had Alice, Athena and Ashli at church. We taught Shay Barraza which went well. We had dinner with the Marcotte's which was delicious! We made visits all night because Amber Shondee rescheduled. 

Love you all!!!

Elder Ashby

Trunk or Treat Advertisement

High Roller......

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