Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week 65

November 9
Today was a pretty good day. We got called to give a blessing at the start of Pday. We hung out and played salt and pepper basketball and speed ball. We went to FHE and our video was quite the hit and bishop volunteered us to participate in the Olympic Games which was a good time. Then we taught Leah which went well. 

November 10
Today was pretty good. We worked on our advertisement for the turkey bowl. We made some visits. We had dinner with the Twigg's which was really good Mexican food. We had a lesson fall through with Jacque and then we exchanges pad with Shawbutte Elder Cross is with me in our area. 

November 11
Today was alright. We made a lot of follow up visits with our #prayinvite poster. We had dinner with the Mills which was really good. We exchanged back after dinner. We had coordination which was alright. We made some visits to end the night. 

November 12 
Today was alright. We had weekly planning. We had to reschedule with Sister Dutey because we couldn't find a guy. We had dinner at the relief society dinner which was good. We taught Leah which went well. We exchanged and I'm with Elder Unasa in his area. 

November 13
Today was pretty good! I was with Elder Unasa in his area. We taught one of their investigators Zack which was interesting.  We had district meeting which was good. We made some visits. We had dinner with a YSA girl Abby and her family which was interesting. We then went to a visit with the Updikes a part member family and they had a meal prepared for us so we ate with them as we talked and got to know them. The. We wrapped up exchanges and headed back. Elder Unasa is a really cool guy! I got to bench press for the first time since high school which was awesome! 

November 14
Today we helped move Desiree into the Wood's house. We made visits all afternoon and evening broken up with dinner with the Demarco's who are hilarious!

November 15
Today was good. We had Shay, Desiree, Alice, Leah, and Ashli at church. We taught Shay Barraza which went super well! We had dinner with the Anderson's which was good! We made visits all night. 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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