Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 66

November 16
Today was pretty good we had district activity where we played volleyball and speedball. We didn't have any appointments so we made some visits and worked on going through the ward list to find part member families. 

November 17
Today was pretty good. We helped Elder Hawkins and Parker with a service project pulling weeds. We taught Desiree which went really well. We had a pick up dinner. Our appointment with Jacque fell through and we had to reschedule with Kara Brown. We taught Leah which also went well to end the night. 

November 18
Today our afternoon was filled with car conference which sucked in the aspect that we got black boxes but was awesome I. The aspect of things we were able to discuss and seeing mission buds! We had dinner with the Schaubs and then had coordination. We then shared #worthofsouls with Lexi which was awesome! 

November 19 
Today was really good! We had lunch with Ashli and her friend Drew and Jason. We had a good weekly planning session. We had dinner with the Cooks. We taught Alva Timmerman which was really long but good haha!

November 20
Today was pretty good! We helped the Spanish Elders with their Turkey bowl advertisement which was a lot of fun! We made some visits. We had dinner with the Taylor family and shared #PrayInvite! We had to reschedule on Leah because no guy was able to come. We taught Nick Bjelopetrovich to end the night which went well. 

November 21
Today was legit! We went and cleaned up a brick wall that had been destroyed with the Spanish Elders. We had lunch with Jeremy and Kali which included a crossbow!!! We taught Desiree which went really well she hasn't smoked in 5 days! We had dinner with the Canova's and then stake conference! Stake conference was awesome, it was all based on aspects of missionary work President Hettinger is the man and he said he was going to look into the social media fireside that we want to present to the stake!

November 22
Today was good but long. We went to the YSA stake conference today. I would have rather gone to the family stake but it was still good.  We made visits all afternoon. We had dinner with the Donner's. Randy Deckers lesson cancelled shocker. Then we taught Amber Shondee to end the night. 

Hope you all have a great week...

Elder Ashby

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