Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 67

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

November 23
Today we had zone activity where we went to castles and coasters to mini golf. I thought the holes were pretty lame but it was still a good time. We made visits before FHE. We got volunteered to give the spiritual thought. We then met with brother Canova to discuss the flow chart that we have been trained on as well as the stake presidency concerning ward councils and coordination. 

November 24
Today was good. We did our weekly planning. We made visits before dinner with the Newell's. We taught Alice and Leah which went well. We then exchanged with North Mountain. I am in North mountain with a Elder Parker. 

November 25
Today was good. We did service for a part member family of theirs. We made visits until dinner with the Fishburns which was good. We made more visits before exchanging back. Looking forward to thanksgiving tomorrow!!!

November 26
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It was really nice to relax today! We had lunch with a member of the moon valley ward who had the elders from our district over. We then ate at the Villareals! We hung out with Elder Green and Cross watching church movies the rest of the night! 

November 27
Today was a really good day. We helped Shawbutte move one of their members beds before going to lunch with them. I was out of it for both district meetings. We shipped Elder Young's bike home. We had dinner with the Blacks and share #PrayInvite. We taught Sister Dutey's daughter who turned nine so she's a new investigator afterwards we helped move three of sister Dutey's big couches. We taught Nick who will turn nine pretty soon. We then taught Leah to prepare her for her baptismal interview tomorrow! Her baptism is set for Saturday Dec. 5th! We are going to the temple bright and early tomorrow!  

November 28
Today was a long day! It started at 4:30am so we could go to the endowment session. Brother Murray took us and the Spanish Elders! We got back and helped clean the church. We helped North Mountain with their Christmas brunch advertisement. We had Desiree but she rescheduled. We had Leah's baptismal interview which went really well! We had dinner with the Canova's. We shared #PrayInvite with the Twiggs. We taught Makaila Chalihah to end the night. 

November 29
Today was good. We didn't have any morning meetings which was nice to be able to study. We had Alice, Chance, Ashli, and Leah at church. We had dinner with the Roatches. We taught Shay which went really well then we visited the Donner's for Elder Young to say goodbye. Tomorrow will be weird saying goodbye to a Elder Young! 

November 30
Today was pretty good. It was weird saying goodbye to Elder Young. We worked on making our #PrayInvite signs Christmas themed! We had dinner with the Huff's. We went to FHE then taught the Lish family the Christmas message. We then went and got everything together to stay at Shawbutte!

Hope you all had a great week!!

Elder T. Ashby

Goodbye to Elder Young
District Meeting Fun

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