Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 68

Hello everyone!

December 1
Today was a good relaxing Pday! We hung out with the Spanish Elders and did the usual ball! Shawbutte had lessons all night so we were pretty booked. One canceled, so we went to Kamana Wanas Hawaiian ice which was pretty good!

December 2
Today was a long but good day! We had transfers which was awesome! I didn't get the Companion I was expecting but I was still super happy! I am with Elder Balenacagi. Good luck pronouncing that!  Elder B is from Fiji and been out 14 months.  He is a really good guitar player and is a really chill guy. I am a stand alone Zone Leader with Elder Green as my fellow Zone Leader. We had dinner with the Adamson's which was good. We had a good coordination then visited the Donner's before grabbing all my stuff from Sister Simons house!

December 3
Today was interesting but good! We helped Jason Willet move a bunch of furniture out of his house. We had weekly planning where we finished our #PrayInvite Christmas style signs! We had dinner with the Marcotte's! We taught Jaun and then Leah to prepare her for her baptism on Saturday!

December 4
Today was Pretty good. We went to both District Meetings which were good. We had dinner with the Bowler family. Sister Dutey canceled. We taught Nick Bjelopetrovich and he is planning on being baptized on the 27th! We introduced Elder B to the Canova's to end the night. 

December 5
Today was awesome! We prepared the Church for Leah's baptism and the baptism itself was awesome! I was worried about the musical number but Elder B and I did well! Jason took us to lunch at Lenny's which was good! We helped Shawbutte move one of their members. We made some visits before having dinner dropped off by the Johnson's. We taught Makaila Chalihah and then taught Alice. We then went to the church with some of the Auxillaries and ward missionaries to open a fast for missionary work which was awesome! 

December 6
Today was very eventful. Leah's confirmation went well! We taught Shea Barazza and then Desiree! Desiree has now gone a month without smoking! We broke our fast with the Donner's which was really good! We watched the Christmas devotional at Bishop Stevens house with a lot of the YSA members. We then went with Braden to visit a coworker of his at hospital and we ended up giving her a priesthood blessing which was really cool! 

Hope you all have had a great week!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Musical Number by Elder B and myself...(this is a practice session)  Sorry it has to be in 3 separate videos.
Leah's Baptism

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