Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 64

Hello all!!!

November 2
Today was pretty good. We chilled at the stake center played some salt and pepper and then chilled at sister Simons house. We had a lesson with Alice which was really frustrating. We went over tithing again and she understands it but doesn't have the faith to pay it for a long time. We were pretty bold with her and now she's not really a priority of ours. We made visits the rest of the night. 

November 3
Today was pretty good. MLC was good but it's gonna make for a stressful week preparing for zone meeting and stake coordination. We had dinner with the Vastbinders which was really good. We had lessons with Jacque and Desiree cancel. We taught Leah which was a super good lesson she was in tears a couple times. 

November 4
Today was an interesting day. We counseled with the District leaders and Sister training leaders on zone meeting. We had dinner with the Murray's who are a great family. We had a good coordination and extra meeting with bishop to discuss some things. We taught Ashli which went well but is also frustrating due to the lack of progression. 

November 5
Today was pretty good. We had weekly planning. Prepared for zone meeting and stake coordination. We had dinner dropped off by sister Largin. We then attended a part member families wedding and the Spanish elders helped us out by being a translator as the wife spoke little English and the husband speaks little Spanish. 

November 6
Today was good but long. We had zone meeting which went long. We had dinner with Bishop Hughes which was really good! We shared #worthofsouls with Jared. We made some visits and sent out the zone meeting email. 

November 7
Today was a pretty good day. We worked on and finished our advertisement for FHE this Monday. We had dinner with the Woods which was interesting. We made visits and had to cancel on Leah because we couldn't find a guy for the lesson.

November 8
Today was a weird day. It didn't feel like Sunday. We had early stake coordination which went well. We had state conference which was a broadcast to some other states as well. We got to hear from Elder Oaks. We made visits and did our advertisement for the relief society dinner. We had dinner with the Donners. We made visits all night including spending time talking with Tony Corrio who is crazy haha! 

This is our advertisement for the YSA FHE activity

This is our advertisement for the Family Ward Relief Society Dinner

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