Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 59

September 28
Today was a pretty brutal day. Pday was fun playing volleyball and basketball with the other Elders. We had the Callahan's lesson cancel. We went to FHE then had Derik's lesson cancel so we went and grabbed my ipad charger from Sister Simons house and I talked with Elder Nicholson for a long time and he really helped me out.

September 29
Today was alright. We had a zone leader Webex meeting which was ridiculously stupid. Then we talked to Elder Stott about his concerns in his district. We had dinner with the Newells. We dedicated A part members home then had splits where I taught Desiree and Elder Young taught Jane Miller. We went and picked up my stuff for exchanges and went over to Sister Simons. I will be with Elder Nicholson in his area tomorrow which should be fun!

September 30
Today was really strange. Elder Nicholson and I spent all afternoon working on our essay questions for BYU and I was able to finish and feel confident in the answers. We had dinner with the Darnell's. We then went on two different splits for their wards which went well. When we got to the apartment to exchange back Elder Young told me that we had to go take Elder Stott to the emergency room because he crashed on his bike pretty bad. He's ok just gonna be really sore. That ordeal made it a really late night because now it's quarter to midnight so probably gonna be tired tomorrow! 

October 1
Today was really good. We had a good weekly planning session and made some good progress on our presentation on social media for the stake presidency. We had dinner with the Marcotte's which was good. Our lesson with Zack Johnson fell through. We shared #WorthOfSouls with Juan! Then we taught Jeremy and Kali! 

October 2
Today was really good! We had a good district meeting then we worked on our funny advertisement for conference which I will send! We had dinner with the Aflects. We had a lesson with Desiree which went well and then another good lesson with Judie. 

October 3
Today was really good! Conference is always a blast! We had dinner with the Gage's! We had sandwiches with our ward after priesthood session. We taught Alice afterwards which went really really well!

October 4
Today was really good! Conference was good but these General conference sessions have been my least favorite on my mission but it's still good! Don't know if the members we lined up to take our investigators to conference just brought them to their home or what but no one was at the stake center with us. We had dinner with the Gardner's which was really good. We made some visits all the night. 

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