Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 58

This week in review...

September 21
Today was a good Pday! We played volleyball and speed ball for zone activity which was a lot of fun! We made visits all night until we had a lesson with Derik and it was a really good lesson because he had unfortunately been involved in a rough breakup with his girlfriend that morning so we completely changed our lesson plan and it was a really good lesson!

September 22
Today was a really weird day. We moved the Bethany Home sisters which went well. We took lunch with Elder Nicholson and Cross. We worked on our #PrayInvite cutouts for a bit. We had dinner with the Thomas family which was really good! Had some delicious Crepes! We taught a returning inactive guy named Eric which was a super good lesson! We exchanged for tomorrow Elder Stott is in our area with me again! Should be a good day tomorrow!

September 23
Today was a pretty good day. Elder Stott and I had a really good time together and were able to vent to each other about a lot of different things. We worked on and completed our #prayinvite signs which turned out really awesome! We had dinner with Brother Davis. We had a good coordination meeting then a good lesson with Desiree before exchanging back!

September 24
Today was a really good day! We had a good weekly planning session. We taught Ashli finally! We had dinner with Charly Vega which was interesting! We then attended the Stake Priesthood Leadership meeting which was legit! President Griffin was the main speaker and he really motivated the wards to be a part of the work!

September 25
Happy birthday Aaron! Today was pretty good we attended both District Meetings, which went well. I enjoyed leading a discussion on the Book of Mormon. We picked up dinner from the Roatch's. We had a lesson fall through and then taught Desiree which went well then we made some visits. Got a call from Elder Stott during planning regarding the Bethany Home Sisters so hopefully everything goes ok with that situation. 

September 26
Today was a really good day! We helped Elder Nicholson and Cross with a move. We taught Alice and then attended a baptism for Sarah Stein who I interviewed a while back and Desiree came and it seemed like she really enjoyed the baptism it was really cool to be there. Sarah actually asked me to be one of the witnesses which was neat! We picked up dinner from Sister Barrier then we made visits the rest of the night we visited the Jacksons, Bishop Hughes, and the Demeester's! 

September 27
Today was a pretty good day. Desiree and Alice came to church. We had dinner with the Donner's which was really good! We made some visits and retrieved President Griffin's projector. We got some good pictures of the blood moon eclipse! Looking forward to Pday! 

Hope all is well with everyone this week. 

Elder Ashby

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