Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 57

Hello everyone!

September 14
Today was really good! P-day was a lot of fun playing volleyball and basketball with some of the other Elders. We had FHE, which was good and then we had a really good lesson with Derik. It was a long and tiring day and I'm nice and sore!

September 15
Bishop Hughes called us to give a blessing to his grandson, so we did that before studies. We didn't have much going on. In the afternoon, after making some visits, we ended up picking up Hermana Zemora's bike. We had dinner with the Vestbinder's, which was good! We had a lesson with Jane Miller because Sister Dutey's friend rescheduled. We made visits to end the night.

September 16
Today was a pretty good day! The afternoon was a little slower. We had a lesson with Desiree which went well! We had a really good dinner with the Adamson's! We had a really good coordination and then shared #WorthOfSouls with Jack, who leaves on his mission in about a month! Then we visited President Demeester and ended up sharing a message with them which was cool! Then we visited the Gardner's before heading in!

September 17
Today we had mission tour with Elder Montoya and Foster of the Seventy which was really good. We got back and had some weekly planning before having dinner with Cook's. We then had to coordinate rides for the companionships who didn't have cars to get to a meeting. Then we took the Elders from North Mountain home and picked up Nicholson and Cross to help us with our move tomorrow.

September 18
We woke up early and went to help the North Mountain Elders with some service. Then brought them back to help us with our move. We were getting ready and realized that the office doesn't open until ten so we went to breakfast and at ten we went to get the keys to our new apartment but apparently our housing coordinator still hadn't signed the lease. We called him and he was at mission tour for the other half of the mission so he wouldn't be able to come over till after 2. So we got everyone back home and then went to our District Meeting.

Afterwards we picked up the key and started to move which took the rest of our day running back and forth loading and unloading our truck.

September 19
This morning we had to finish bringing all the little stuff from our apartment to the new one. It's been rough not having normal studies pretty much all week. We had lunch and a lesson with Jeremy and Kali.

We had two lessons fall through in the afternoon. We had dinner with the Matthews which was very interesting but we had some good Philippino food! We met with Bishop Hughes to get him on board for Facebook which went great and we also finally got Brother Canova on board so we will present it to the Ward Council tomorrow!

September 20
Today was a pretty good day. Church was good except for the fact that both Priesthood lessons were on chastity, haha! The YSA chastity lesson was really weird because of some weird people participating. Desiree, Alice, and Ashli came to church. We had dinner with the Huffs and President Huff from Sahuaro Ranch was there again! We made visits the rest of the night before picking up Nicholson and Cross.

I hope everyone has had a great week.

Elder Ashby

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