Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 55

Greetings all!!!

August 31
Today was pretty good. Didn't do much for P-day but hang out at North Mountain Elders apartment and messing around with some of the Elders.

Our appointment with Rebekah fell through. Our FHE for YSA went really well! I was so pumped!

September 1
Today was pretty awesome! MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) was a lot better than I was expecting especially when President Griffin taught deep doctrine about the Sacrament! Elder Ockey was at the meeting because his companion was leading a discussion so it was fun to hang out with him and Jensen! We had to pick up dinner from the Rotches. We had splits but, only one person showed up so, we went and taught Desiree about the Word of Wisdom and she smoked during the lesson so..... But walking there some lady and guy talked to us and said they met with Missionaries in California and wanted to meet and Desiree had a friend show up at the end of the lesson who wants to come to church to so it was a weirdly productive night!

September 2
Today we met with the District Leaders and Sister Training Leaders to discuss Zone Meeting. We were supposed to have dinner with The Canovas but that fell through. We had a good Coordination Meeting then we made visits the rest of the night.

September 3
Today was good. We had our weekly planning after we took Elder Nicholson and Cross out to lunch. We had dinner with the Willerth family. We had a lesson with Jeremy and Kaylee. We made some visits to end the night.

September 4
Today was really good! We had Zone Meeting, which was legit! We had dinner with Bishop Hughes and his wife. We had a handoff lesson with Sister Hontonosas and Knott where we taught Jacque and Katie which went well, then we taught sister Miller. Elder Stott and Lui had given us some Thai food because It was super hot! But they didn't tell us this. Elder Anderson tried one bite and then I convinced him through competitiveness saying he couldn't eat the whole thing so he did and then proceeded to quench the fire with milk and made himself sick and ended up puking his guts out and then we called Elder Stott and Lui and we all laughed that Elder Anderson actually ate the whole thing!

September 5
Today was a very interesting day. Elder Nicholson was sick and Elder Anderson still felt sick from the Thai food, so Elder Cross and myself worked together today! We had a lot of fun putting a video together for our Facebook initiative which turned out great! We had dinner with a family from their ward. We had our lesson with Desiree fall through and then we met with one of their Ward Mission Leaders before returning to our companions!

September 6
Today was a good day. We had normal Ward Council and Cactus View Church as well as YSA Ward Council but then we had to miss our YSA Ward's Church because we went and picked up Elder Stott and Lui to take Elder Lui to the Mission Home because he catches his flight to head out to New Guinea today! Gonna miss Elder Lui! We got back and had dinner with one of Elder Stott's families! We had two lessons fall through so we made some visits before going and saying goodbye to Elder Ramos who will be going to the Mission Home tomorrow.

September 7
Today was good. We went to a Chinese buffet for lunch with Elder Nicholson and Cross. We had a lesson with a lady named Nikki, but it fell through. We had dinner with Brother Baum. We had a lesson with our YSA investigator, Derek, which was good then we went over to sister Simon's house.

Hope you all have had a wonderful week!

Elder Ashby

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