Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 53

Greeting from Arizona!

August 17
P-Day was a lot of fun today, Zone activity included volleyball, speedball and wallball. We went to FHE and then taught Meyleah, which went well. We then exchanged with Elder Stott and Lui. Elder Stott came to our area with me.

August 18
Today was a lot of fun! Elder Stott and I got along great!

Unfortunately all three of our investigator lessons cancelled. We picked up dinner from the West's and on the way home someone asked us to come help them move right then, so we told them we would hurry and eat and head over. While heading over they called us again telling us it was taken care of. We taught a less active member, Jane Miller. The highlight of the day was meeting with our YSA Ward Mission Leader and getting him on board with the social media. It was awesome and we earned a lot of trust from him as result of it. We are going to meet with our Bishop tomorrow to get him on board so we can bring it up in Ward Council! Another highlight was giving Cameron Jones a blessing of comfort and counsel.

August 19
Today was pretty legit! We went to both District Meetings due to interviews this Friday. We had dinner with the Manusina's who were really cool! We had coordination which went really well and then Elder Anderson wasn't feeling very great so we relaxed before we met with the YSA Bishop to get him on board with Facebook and it went super great and he really respected the fact that we went through him before starting anything. Then we went and visited Elder Anderson's cousins in the ward because they had some of his family friends down visiting so he talked to them for a bit!

August 20
Today was pretty good. We had weekly planning and then we had dinner with Brother Marcott who is hilarious! We had a very interesting lesson with Randy Decker, talked about a lot of things including the illuminati. We then went out with Aaron Gidwani and made visits with him the rest of the night which was really good. As we were coming back to our apartment an old missionary Elder Burgoyne came by and talked to us which was weird but cool!

August 21
Today was not a normal day. We had to set up the Church for interviews today. We went to the Mission office with Elder Cross and Nicholson to have him turn in his insurance stuff to find out the office closes just before we got there which really made me mad that the Assistants didn't tell us. We got back and had interviews, which went well. Looks like I will be taking over the area as a Senior Zone Leader with another young missionary but we will see what happens. Our lesson with Desiree fell through. We taught Salwa which went really, really well.

Augusts 22
Today was good. We helped clean the Church. We had lunch with the Lunt's. We taught Alice and put her on date for September! We had dinner with the Archer's which was weird because his name was Trent and he is a physical therapist! We taught Makaila and then got a slurpee!

August 23
Today was pretty good. Desirae and her boyfriend, as well as Alice came to church. My talk went well.  I also taught a good lesson in Gospel Principles. We had dinner with the Huff's which was really good and really weird because they are related to President Huff our Elders Quorum President from Sahuaro Ranch and he was at dinner! We taught Salwa which went well!

Hope you all have had a great week.

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Morning exercise turned into changing a flat tire...

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