Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 56

Hello everyone...

September 8
Today was a good P-day! We basically just hung out and waited for the transfer news which took forever to come! Elder Anderson is being transferred! We had a good time playing truth tie and just messing around with everyone! We had dinner with one of Elder Stott's families. We then had splits where Elder Stott and I went to teach Jacque and Katie who didn't answer and Elder Anderson taught Jane Miller. We then went to Brother Gage's so Elder Stott could get his sternum adjusted because he's a chiropractor and then Elder Anderson started to pack!

September 9
Today was awesome! I got Elder Young as my companion who goes home in December so he's the Senior Zone Leader. It is his first time being a Zone Leader, so I'm kinda helping him know what to do, but it's good! We got back and had dinner with the Murray's! We had a really good Coordination then shared #WorthOfSouls message with Meyleah! Should be a really good transfer!

September 10
Today was great! We had a good weekly planning session and got prepared for Stake Coordination! We had dinner with the Kinghorn's who are really really cool! Our splits fell through  so we taught Jeremy and Kaylee then we shared #WorthOfSouls with Cameron and he was awesome enough to come to our lesson with Sister Dutey, her friend Judie and an ex. The lesson went well! We then introduced Elder Young to Brother Canova.

September 11
Today was really good! We went to both District Meetings and it was great to get to know all the missionaries new to the Zone, especially the trainees. It was really cool to have the experience to encourage the new missionaries with their struggles and made me grateful for the opportunity I have to be such a big influence on others as a leader! We had dinner dropped of by the Demarco's we had a lesson with Desiree which went well! Then we made some visits to end the night.

September 12
Today was pretty good! We ended up being triple booked for service this morning but it worked out and we went with Elder Nicholson, Cross, Wells and Miller to move someone which was a lot of fun! We then went to lunch at Chino Banditos, which is a weird cross between Mexican and Chinese food but it was really good! We taught Alice which went well. We had dinner with the Taylor's who are really cool! We made some visits to end the night. Something that really made me happy was when we stopped by to see how one of the members that had some struggles was doing. We found that he was doing well.  After planning he called us and told us he left something on our patio and we found some Burger King! It was cool to know how much we help those in our areas at times and to see how appreciative some people are!

September 13
Today was pretty good Desiree and Derek came to church. We had early morning Stake Coordination. We had dinner with the Rivera's. We went to Stake Priesthood Meeting, then made some visits before picking up Nicholson and Cross.

Hope you all have had a wonderful week.

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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