Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 72

December 28
Today was pretty good. We hung out at the Stake Center per usual. After going to FHE we made visits the rest of the night.

December 29
Today was a good day! After Lunch we went and talked with Elder Hawkins about some of the frustrations he is having. We made visits until we had dinner with the Thomas's which was really good! We then went to Nick's baptism which went great except the water being really cold haha! We then visited Alva before heading in!

December 30
Today was good we did our weekly planning then made visits before having dinner with the West's who are very interesting. We thought we were having coordination meeting but it was not so we made visits the rest of the evening.

December 31
Today was pretty uneventful. We took our car into the mission office for the windshield repair Elder Johnson from the mission staff gave us a ride back so we wouldn't be waiting there all day. We took a nap and played some guitar before having sister Simon drive us to the mission office to pick up our truck. We had dinner with the Twiggs which was good then we played guitar until bedtime!

January 1
Happy New Years everyone! After studies and lunch we got together as a zone and played volleyball and speed ball which was a really good time! We then had dinner with the Affleck's which was good. After dinner me and Elder B worked on our slide show for our song which took the whole evening haha!

January 2
Today was pretty good! After studies and cleaning the church we made some visits before meeting with Jason to get him on board with the Years worth of initiatives that we planned out which went well! We had dinner with the Roatches which was good. We made visits before going to the church to meet with Brother Canova to get him on board with the years worth of initiatives and open our ward fast which was good!

January 3
Today was a really good day! There was a baby blessing and Nick's confirmation which was awesome! We had dinner with the Donner's which was good. We had a lesson with Sean Houston fall through and Elder Balenacagi wasn't feeling good as is normal for him on fast Sunday's so we stayed in and he rested while I studied. 

Hope you all have a great week.

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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