Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 30

Monday March 2

Today was a great pday! We transferred everything from our iPads to usb's to put onto the other iPads. We got snowed in again but by the time we got the word we were already at the church so we hung out there until 6. The rest of the evening I wrote letters to Mattie and Aaron then gave myself and Elder Meisenbacher haircuts. The clippers work great, I really like them! It was a really good day! I'm looking forward to going to Phoenix tomorrow to learn about and get our new iPads!

Tuesday March 3

Today we headed down to Phoenix. We picked up Elder Meosenbacher's bike. It was great to see everyone at the meeting! We were trained by Brother Randall from the Missionary Department and Elder Malm of the Seventy! It was a long meeting but it was really good. They didn't talk much about the technology itself but more of principles of using them and our purpose and things like that. After the meeting we exchanged our iPads because they don't want us to come down to the Valley to get them. We went with Elder Thiel, Fife, Chidister, and Weeks to a place called Waldo's tacos! It is a food truck! The food was soooooo good! I got carne asada Tortas! Basically a Mexican steak sandwich! Waldo's story is pretty cool he was converted awhile back and he was working on Sunday's and struggling so his bishop said if he quit working Sunday's his income would double and it did! Then his bishop told him to stop working Monday nights some could be home for FHE and his income would double and it did! Then his bishop said every time you feed the missionaries for free more people will come than were there before and Elder Fife said that every time he has eaten there more people show up after and it was the same for us! We drove back home and went to bed!

Wednesday March 4

Today we configured our new iPads! Our lesson with Robert rescheduled, our lesson with Chris cancelled and our lesson with the Paynes rescheduled... We made visits all day.  Pretty boring day.

Thursday March 5

Today we did weekly planning. Our appointment with Sister Rhodes cancelled. When we talked to Cole about coming to church and meeting with us.  He seemed really uninterested, which was really frustrating because the last lesson we had with him was awesome. Our lesson with the Paynes rescheduled. So we made visits the rest of the evening. Pretty awful day.

Friday March 6

Today we taught our investigator Robert the second half of the Plan of Salvation which went well he feels like he needs to study more to make a commitment. Afterwards we had zone meeting which was pretty boring but fun to see everyone. The rest of the evening we made visits. Then headed to Bellemont for exchanges. I'm staying in Lake Mary/ Walnut Canyon with Elder Ockey should be really fun!

Saturday March 7

Today was really fun with Elder Ockey! We visited a lot of their potential investigators today. The highlight of the day was helping a part member family move a 200 gallon fish tank which weighed 350 pounds!!! It was so hard to move it from the apartment they bought it from to the truck. But moving it from the truck to their apartment was easier because they bought a floor dolly! It was a lot of fun and they were very appreciative! Me and Elder Ockey are like the same person it's so crazy how alike we were. We headed back to Bellemont to exchange back. It was an awesome day!

Sunday March 8

Nobody came to church today :( we taught gospel principles which was good. We had dinner again at the smiths shocker I know it's only ten Sunday's in a row they've fed us because nobody signs up for Sunday's. Then we took some of the leftovers to Frankie. Then we taught the Christiansen's, the Ellico's, and Fergus family at the Christiansen's.  Average day looking forward to pday!
Hope everyone is having a great week!
Love you all!
Elder Ashby

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