Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 29

Hello everyone!  Here is the week rundown...

Monday February 23

Today was a pretty fun P-Day. We had Zone activity where we played speedball, deathball, chair soccer and basketball. It was a good time!

Our lessons with the Pearson's and Travis Grantham cancelled. 

Tuesday February 24

Today our appointment with Chris cancelled. We're going to see if we can have every single appointment cancel on us this week because we are already on track!  We made some visits to end the night and the visit that will always put a smile on my face to end the night is the Flannery's.

Wednesday February 25

Today we had a good time with the Spanish Elders. We weren't as diligent in our studies as we should have been because we were taking turns playing four way chess during studies! We went to lunch then had trouble doing our online time because the Internet and phone signals were wacco for all of Arizona we heard due to an optic fiber cut. We made some visits and Robert had to reschedule our lesson for tomorrow.

We taught Brother Ramsay and then had dinner at the Terry's. We then had correlation meeting with Brother Ellico who apparently is still acting as WML even though he was released. We made visits the rest of the night.

Thursday February 26

Today we had district meeting where we discussed the luau a lot.

Afterwards we had lessons with Robert and Cole that both cancelled. We picked up dinner from the Price's and then made visits to end the night. We found out the Brother Ford is our new WML should be fun!

Friday February 27

This morning we had interviews with President Griffin which went well.

After lunch and online time we did our weekly planning. After dinner our lesson with the Adam's rescheduled and then we taught Frankie.

Saturday February 28

Today we didn't have much going on. We shared a message with Brother Fuchsberger and made visits the whole day. Our appointment with the Adams's cancelled because they were sick.  The highlight was after planning playing with hand sanitizer and fire!

Sunday March 1

Today church got cancelled due to weather conditions. Then we were told later to stay in all day as well. We wanted some snacks from the mish fridge so we went and the roads really weren't even that bad.

Sister Flannery was about to snow blow so I took care of it! It was probably the most fun I've had dealing with snow on someone's driveway and I have no idea why probably just because it was a huge help to her! My hair got drenched because it was a wet snow so it looked like I just got out of the shower! The rest of the day we watched the movies we have at our apartment like the restoration and stuff on the new and Old Testament. Pretty low key day but it was nice!
Hope everyone's week has been great!
Love you all,
Elder Ashby
Message from Sister Flannery:
They saved my life!!!  OK that is a little dramatic LOL.  But I won't lie, I was very grateful for their help.  The just starting up the snow blower like it was nothing and took over.  I was wondering if I was going to be able to get out to drive to work even in four wheel drive. Ironically since we had a snow day at Church I had just made some cookies and pulled some bread from the oven, and made a pot roast, taters and gravy that I could at least send home with them.  I really was sooooo grateful for their spontaneous act of service!


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