Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 31

Hello everyone!!!

Monday March 9

Today Pday went by really, really fast unfortunately. It was good though. We went to Flag to transfer all our files over to our new iPads. Then we hung out at the Zone Leaders apartment. Our lessons with the Skinners, Jensen's, and Granthams cancelled. We shared a message with the Lords and made a couple visits to end the night. The Spanish Elders are staying the night, so we'll have a good game of four way chess going on!

Tuesday March 10

Today was good but boring. The Spanish Elders made the morning fun! I won in four way chess by putting all three of them in checkmate one by one! Felt like a boss! We had a completely open day. Our appointment with Chris cancelled again. So much for him getting baptized this Saturday. We made visits all day and our dinner appointment just made food for the go, which were spicy enchiladas! We ended the night by visiting the Flannery's which makes me so happy they are so cool and funny!

Wednesday March 11

Today was a grind. We had nothing going on. We made visits throughout the afternoon and had to take a couple breaks because we were getting a little discouraged and stressed. We had our dinner appointment cancel but as we were driving to our apartment the Terry's called us wondering why we didn't confirm a dinner appointment with them because they thought they signed up for today when in reality it was tomorrow.  So we ate at the Terry's and they told us to come over tomorrow night anyway. We talked to Bishop at mutual which was good. Then we visited Brother Fuchsberger and shared a message with him.

Thursday March 12

Today we had weekly planning. Afterwards we had dinner at the Terry's again haha! Then we made some visits before we shared a message with the Pearson's. We made visits to end the night.

Friday March 13

Friday the 13th! And I hit my seven month mark today! Today we had district meeting which was really good! President Juchau (Second Councilor to President Giffin) and the Senior Couple, the Franklins, came.  After the meeting, the Franklins provided lunch for our zone which was a lot of fun! When we got back to Williams our appointment with Brother Ramsay cancelled. We had dinner with the Skinners. And when we got back into town we made some visits but the best of course was visiting the Flannery's to end the night!

Saturday March 14

Pi day (3.1415)!! Today we didn't have much going on. We taught the Andersons and then had dinner at our apartment. We went to where we had tracted a while back and started taking notes of who answered and who didn't.

Apparently someone was suspicious of us because as we were leaving a cop pulled us over and talked to us and made sure we were good! First time ever being pulled over. We made visits to end the night.

Sunday March 15

Today no investigators came to church again. Gospel principles was good with our new teacher Brother Ford. Elders quorum was also good.

In Sacrament Meeting the Muniz family had brother Owens bless their newborn, which was cool. Brother Smith had a ton of his family in town because he was being ordained to the office of High Priest today! They had us over for lunch after Church, which was awesome. We taught the Christiansen's and made visits the rest of the night.

Hope all is well with everyone

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