Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 28

Hello everyone,

Monday February 16
Today was a pretty good P-day! We headed into Flagstaff to play basketball
with other missionaries which was a lot of fun! When P-day was over, we
shared a message with the Adams, and then ended the night by teaching
Travis Grantham which was interesting but good. He had a lot of weird
concerns that were brought up but we found out that he hadn't prayed
specifically to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I don't know what
his progression is gonna be like.

Tuesday February 17
Today was pretty good during online time. I started talking to Joel and
apparently he is dating a member and is going to church! And also
Eliza Beeson messaged me after my post telling me how much it helped
her, which is always really cool to hear! We went to Flagstaff to
practice our song that the Elders are singing for the Priesthood Session
of Stake Conference on Sunday. This evening we taught Chris, Rachel was
sick, but it was a really good lesson with Chris and he is still
excited to be baptized.

Wednesday February 18
Today we went out to Parks and visited the younger Tiemans, he showed
us his huge garage that he built which was awesome! Then we taught the
older Tiemans, and Freddie, then had dinner with the Stewart's, taught
the Anderson's. Then we had correlation meeting with brother Ellico.
Afterwards we taught brother Fuchsberger.

Thursday February 19
Today we had weekly planning which is boring as usual. Afterwards we
had a lesson with Brother Ramsay, but he didn't answer the door. We
made visits the rest of the night pretty boring day.

Friday February 20
Today we had District Meeting where I gave a discussion on Charity
which I felt went pretty well! Our lesson with Robert got cancelled, but
rescheduled for tomorrow. We made visits the rest of the night to the
Wrights, Sullas, and Brother Flannery.

Saturday February 21
Today we did service for Barbara, which was fun and we got to break more
windows and take down a shed. Afterwards we headed into Flagstaff to
practice our musical number for the Priesthood Session tomorrow. We
got back and our appointment with Robert cancelled so we made visits
the rest of the day. Brother Flannery texted us just before dinner
saying he made a lot of sliders if we wanted to come over, so we ate
some pretty good sliders and talked to the Flannery's!

Sunday February 22
Today Brittany came to church but we didn't get the chance to talk to
them before they left. We taught the Adams, and had dinner at the
Smiths again. We then headed to Flagstaff for the Stake Priesthood
Conference and also performed Ye Elders of Israel which went well.
When we got back in town we went and gave Frankie a blessing because
she is sick.

I hope all is well with everyone.  Thank you for all the prayers for our investigators!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Steve and Sonia received a letter today from a member in Elder Ashby's ward in Williams:

Dear Ashby Family,

Hello.  I received your Christmas card & it was nice to see the rest of my Elder/Missionary's family.  I asked him to share the story behind the shot of everyone's shoes.  Funny!

My name is Frankie.  I'm a 62 year old widow and raising my grandson, Terrence, who is 13 and has Mosaic Downs Syndrome.  We are new to the Mormon faith, almost 1 year now.  We've loved the Lord and followed Jesus & the Holy Spirit's promptings since each of our childhood.  However, we didn't have the full truth of the Gospel until studying with the Elders.  I've been able to go to 2 different Temples for Baptisms for the Dead and receive my Patriarchal Blessing.  I've gotten a late start in Mormonism, so I am anxious to serve in callings ASAP.

We appreciate your sharing your son with us.  Since my grandson has no male role model in his life, he is especially fond of your son.  It has been a blessing to have him in our lives. I lived back East, an hour from the Canadian border in New York.  After 3 blizzards in a 6 week period I moved back to the West.  Your poor families have been really hit hard this winter!

God bless you all and know your son is doing a great work for us in our little mountain town of Williams.

Always in Christ,
Frankie & Terrance

Green Egg....where is the ham?

Short Video...snow, snow, snow

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