Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 25

Monday January 26
Today we woke up at 5 to get our laundry and shopping done before we had to head to flagstaff for our zone activity trip to Sedona to hike Devils Bridge! It was a lot of fun but very tiring! We hung out at the institute building afterwards! We had FHE with the Skinners, the Granthams had to cancel on us this week.

Tuesday January 27 
Today we contacted our referral Jamie Amendola and she seems pretty solid we set up a church tour for tomorrow! We had dinner at the Terry's and then taught the Wamble family from the ward. We headed to Bellmonte for our exchange with the Zone leaders I'm in Flagstaff with Elder Christensen, Shepherd and Busick. Elder Shepherd and Busick are hilarious! Should be a fun day tomorrow!

Wednesday January 28
We woke up and headed to the church to workout with the workout book Elder Shepherd has which is a really cool book and it was a really good leg workout! After online time we went and visited some potential Investigators and former Investigators. We had to cancel an appointment with a part member family. We had dinner with the Spanish elders a member got us all chick fil a! Don't know how to spell it so don't judge! We went and taught a recent convert sister Jessop. Then we taught a new Investigator Sophie which was a super cool lesson we taught the first half of the restoration. We headed back to Bellemonte to exchange back. It was a really fun day with Elder Christensen! Back in Williams we had a church tour with our new referral Jamie Amendola and they taught her about the Book of Mormon. She seems really solid!

Thursday January 29
Today was pretty boring. We had our weekly planning then we helped Bob and Frankie find family names for their temple trip. We had dinner dr the Pearsons and made visits to end the night. 

Friday January 30
We had zone conference in Prescott! I got to see Elder Davis, Jensen, and Earl! The meeting was from 10-4 but was really good and learned a lot! We got in a little trouble for our hike to Devils bridge but it wasn't a big deal. We made visits all night but as we were headed in we saw someone who had their car stuck on a curb and they were trying to get unstuck and we went to go help and the guy talking to the driver told us to call 911 because he was drunk so we did cops showed up and arrested him for DUI and had us fill out witness reports!

Saturday January 31
Today we had district meeting which included a fun activity where we were in groups of three people one blindfolded one was the spirit and one was the devil! The goal was to get to the end of the maze while trying to take directions from the spirit. In my group I was the devil and I would have to say I did a pretty good job of confusing elder Busick because everyone finished long before he did! Other than that the day was very uneventful. This week was super super slow... We have to stay in tomorrow unless we have appointments due to the Super Bowl. 

Sunday February 1
Today we had fast and testimony meeting of course. I was fasting to have success and find new people to teach and guess what answer to my fast! Two random people Chris and Rachel came to church today just checking out different churches and they said it felt like home! They participated a ton in class and it was awesome! Travis Grantham also came to sacrament which was awesome can't wait to teach him tomorrow! Today was awesome we got to take a nap after church because we were in unless we had appointments. We had an appointment with the Christiansen's who are members and then had dinner at the Smiths! Heard the patriots won which made me happy haha just because I don't like the Seahawks. 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Hike to Devil's Bridge

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