Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 24

Monday January 19

Today was a pretty good pday! We went hiking in walnut canyon for district activity! It was fun to get together with everyone and hang out! We taught Travis Grantham part of the Plan of Salvation which went really well! We extended a baptismal date and nothing we extended seemed to be a good day so we invited him to pray about a baptismal date so we will see how it goes!

Tuesday January 20

Freddie took us to lunch to Route 66 diner! We headed out to ash fork to give a Book of Mormon to a referral. Herby isn't interested in meeting with us but in reading the Book of Mormon but you never know maybe he will be sometime! We had dinner at the London's which was really good breakfast food. Crêpes and breakfast casserole! Super good! We taught Califia the first half of the Plan of Salvation which went really well she is having some guilt with reading the Book of Mormon because she has been taught all her life not to but I have faith that she will continue to progress! We headed to Bellemont for exchanges and I brought Elder Ockey to Williams!!!

Wednesday January 21

Had loads of fun with Elder Ockey today! We get along super well and are really similar! We went out and did service at Barbara Wilson's house! So much fun we got to smash windows in the dumpster with a hammer and had to push an atv from her lower property to her upper property and it had a flat tire! So so tiring but a great memory I'll never forget! We shared a quick message with Josh and Nicole because they were sick so we taught them at the door for a few minutes! We ate dinner at Macdons! We taught the Paynes which went extremely well! We taught the first half of the Plan of Salvation! It made sense and we talked a lot about baptism! We will see if we can get them on date soon! Elder Ockey and I teach very well together! We exchanged back after a great day!

Thursday January 22

We had housing inspections and weekly planning today. We were asked to help a new member in our ward move in. So we rescheduled our dinner to 4 and it turned out that they weren't going to move in until the next morning so we sat at our apartment waiting to be picked up to go help for about a half hour before we were told. Pretty boring day. 

Friday January 23

We went to flag this morning to relieve our family search training which was awesome! Learned a lot and found some family names! We had district meeting where we learned about becoming master teachers and master finders! We had to get our oil changed in flag so we didn't get back to Williams until 5:15 and after dinner we taught Robert the first half of the Plan of Salvation which went really well talked a lot about baptism and extended a date to him but he wants to be ready before he will committ to a date. We had the doughnut challenge at the Flannery's but I was not hungry at all so I failed miserably and only ate two doughnuts! Elder Meisenbacher ate 11 but not close enough to Elder Parkinson's record of 18 pretty good day!
Saturday January 24

Today when we were headed to online time we got a text from Freddie letting us know he was expecting us for lunch which was not a concrete plan so we had 2 lunches today... We made visits up highway 64 and then tracted a little bit when we got back. We had dinner at the Adams and made visits to end the night. Pretty boring day. 

Sunday January 25

Today we had ward correlation which was good! We spoke in church which went really well I actually was running out of time so I had to summarize the last half of my talk I spoke for about 15 minutes probably could have for at least 25 minutes! Califia dropped us today she said she feels like she if furthering herself from God by meeting with us... She said that she will still read the Book of Mormon and pray about it though. We had dinner at the Smith's and taught the Christiansen's. We received a referral from salt lake and will contact her tomorrow hopefully!
Love you all,
Elder Ashby
Pictures from our hike to Walnut Canyon in Sedona


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