Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 23

Hello all,

We have had a wonderful week here in Williams.  The work is really starting to progress.  We had quite a few teaching opportunities this week.  We were able to teach Califia, Nathan, Travis Grantham, Tommy and Shira, and Robert.  The last three are new investigators.  Tommy and Shira are referrals from our Bishop.  Their lesson went very well.  We were able to teach them in their home and also had a member there with us teaching them.  We were set to have them come over for a tour of the Church and teach another lesson, but their daughter came down with Strep.  We are excited to continue to get to know them and teach them the gospel.  Nathan is an investigator that we tracted out.  We taught him a lesson this week and it went so, so.  We will see what happens as we try and go back and visit him.

This is the most active investigators that we have had since I have been here.  It is great to see the work progressing.

Sorry the letter is so short this week, but we are having a district activity so we have to go and have some fun today!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

This weeks message from Sister Flannery of the Williams Ward:
We decided that if Elder Ashby wasn't names Elder Ute, we would have ended up calling him Elder Energy for sure.  He is truly the most energetic Elder we've seen!  And the best part is he's always in such a good mood that he's just a pure delight to be around.  Even though him and Elder Meisenbacher are sooo different, he handles it extremely well and in the few short weeks Elder M has been here, he has gone from scared to death to happy and contributing.  I'm always sad when transfers hit, but when they ship off Elder Ute, it will probably be a full blown tantrum. LOL

So as you probably know, Terrence is a special needs boy and sits between the Elders at Church every week.  He popped in during "ladies night" with his Grandma while the Elders were here and he was elated to see them...

And yes the pics are them tweaking (heaven help us, LOL).

BTW, Danny (Sis Flannery's husband) got him laughing his head off the other night with a friendly BYU/Utah banter which ended with Danny saying, "Elder, what color is the Book of Mormon?  See Utah isn't true."  He got Elder Ute hard, he laughed for 5 minutes.

Video of the weather in Williams

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