Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 26

Hello all,

Monday February 2
Today's episode started the ten week workout program which was a pretty good workout!  It was a pretty boring P-day.  We went into Flag to hang out with Elder Kwock and Ockey!  We exchanged music on our flash drives!  We went to the ZL's apartment to use their hair clippers to give ourselves haricuts because Sister Garibay cancelled on us again, but it's alright it got cut today finally!  We made some visits and set up lessons with members tonight.  We were super excited to teach Travis Grantham and ask about him praying for a baptismal date but they had to cancel again.  Oh well, we have a pretty busy day ahead of us tomorrow!

Tuesday February 3
Today we helped the London's move! :(  Jamie rescheduled for Thursday and Sister Rhodes wasn't home for our appointment.  We taught Chris and Rachel which was super awesome!  We taught them the Restoration!  I think they will definitely get baptized!  We headed to exchange and I have Elder Kwock in Williams and hte Spanish Elders are staying the night to work here tomorrow!

Wednesday February 4
Today Elder Kwock and I are in Williams.  As we were heading to the Church for online time we saw that people were loading a moving truck and apparently the truck we loaded yesterday broke down so they were reloading everything into a different truck!  We helped out and as we were leaving the London's daughter Avey ran up and gave me a hug, it was so heartwarming, I'm going to miss them so much!  WE made visits all afternoon.  Sister Wright took us to Pizza Hut for dinner.  After dinner we had a correlation meeting then a lesson with the Payne's.  Our lesson went really well and they seem to be slowly progressing.  I think Leah and Kolby will be at Church this Sunday.  Lee is going out of town for work.  Then we headed back to exchange.

Thursday February 5
We had our weekly planning today...boring as usual.  Our lesson with Jamie and also with the Trimble's cancelled.  We taught Brother Ramsay and had dinner with Brother Price.  It was a pretty low key day.

Friday February 6
Today we had Trainer/Trainee meeting in the Valley.  It was good and it was fun to hang out with Elder Kwock and Ockey!  Our lesson with Robert cancelled and the Lord's dropped off pizza for dinner.  It's pretty disappointing to not have a teaching appointment all day.  My ingrown toenail is getting pretty bad.

Saturday February 7
Today we taught Terrance and set up a lot of appointments.  My toenail didn't hurt as much today.  Hoping for a good turnout at Church tomorrow!

Sunday February 8
Had an AWESOME day!  We had four investigators at Church!!!  Travis Grantham, Kolby and Leah Payne and Chris!  We taught the Heaps, Pope's, Pearson's, had dinner with the Smith's, and taught the Christiansen's!  Our lesson with Taylor rescheduled.  We had as many lessons today as we did the entire week!  It was so cool to have so many investigators at Church!

Monday February 9
Today was a really good day!  We had Zone Meeting which was good and in the middle of it we got a call from our Vehicle Coordinator and he told us we are getting a new Nissan Frontier on Wednesday at transfers!  We were heading back to Williams and Cole texted us and set up and appointment so we had a very short dinner and taught him and it was really cool!  He told us his crazy background and we showed him the "Hope of God's Light" and it was almost exactly the same as his past, so it really hit home with him, it was awesome!  He is not a new investigator!  We gave the Stewart's blessings because they were all sick.  We taught Travis Grantham and although it was a short lesson it was really good because we talked about how much we cared about him personally and I think that he will continue to progress.

I hope all of you have had a great week like we have had!
Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Moving the London's

Message and pictures from Sister Flannery:
This is Elder Ockey here on transfers.  Elder Ute loved this day!  They were like two peas in a pod and got along so well.  This was a couple of weeks ago, today he is with Elder Kwock, who's also awesome.  Elder Ute is really great at getting along with EVERYONE!  He is so patient and kind, yet he "gets" people.

This was last night.  These guys were on fire!!!  I'm sure they'll tell you all about it, but they visited with a couple that is ready and they were pumped.  It's a couple that just showed up to the Williams Ward who were investigating and mentioned that "this feels right, better than any of the other churches we've been to."  Anyway, they were so excited about it!.  So this pic is them stopping by to tell us last night.  Had a bunch of YW here making honey candy, hence the globs in their mouth and my adorable photo bomber lol.

Gosh I love this pic even though it's blurry!!!  This was Sunday, just after they had met with the new 'on fire' investigators - who believe it or not stayed all three hours and even asked where they could get a copy of that 'one book'.  These guys answered a million questions in a three hour block and they were starving!

So here was donut night! These the Bishopric's kids all messing around in the 'fun garage' on a sugar high. But Elder Ute is always on one (without the sugar lol) which is why he's so much fun!

Elder Ute completely wimped out on the challenge, of which we made sure to give him crap for lol, He came post pizza and only at two donuts. Elder Rubibacher gave it a go, and ended up with 11.

But still, we did want to 'lie' just a tad and tell Elder Parkinson he was no longer the record holder at 18... But we'll be forgiven won't we?

Bad picture but hey, we'll let in any kind of rif raff lol. Love seeing these two and hearing all about their productive days!

And with that, I'll leave you with a beautiful Williams sunset. Have a great week Ashby's!

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