Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 37

Hello from sunny Arizona!

April 20
Today P-day was kind of boring. Nobody showed up to the stake center.  After P-day ended, we talked with a potential investigator, Addison, who isn't very interested at the time. We then dropped off some pamphlets at Andrea Tovars for her dad to have, which was exciting! Then we headed back to the apartment for exchanges. I will be with Elder Timm in his area tomorrow.

April 21
Today we were on exchanges. I was in the other area with Elder Timm.  It was a pretty fun day. We visited a lot of potential investigators and less actives. We had dinner at the McClellan's which was good and then we met a really cool guy Gerald who is a referral. Then we exchanged back.

April 22
Today we did the safeguards for using mobile devices online course again and did some weekly planning. We had dinner dropped of by the Carmichael's. We had a really good coordination meeting then made visits to end the night. Also a cool highlight of the day was giving a granola bar to a pan handler which made me feel really good!

April 23
Today we had Zone Conference which was great but sooooo long! It was from 10 to 3:30, a lot of mental focus required! Afterwards we went to Big Hengs a Chinese restaurant with Sister Tovar for dinner. We made visits the rest of the night.

April 24
Today we had district meeting which was alright. Afterwards we made some visits and had dinner at the Pearson's with the Miller's which was really good hamburgers and hot dogs. After dinner we went to an appointment with a nurse to check out Elder Davis ear problem to find out its allergy related then we went back to pick up the helmet he accidentally left in our ward mission leaders truck.

April 25
Today we taught Sister Rios. Afterwards we went to the Church to talk to the other Elders about something and we found out there was a funeral that was happening that day so we attended that and the luncheon was really good! Afterwards we made some visits before having dinner at the LaMunyon's which was really good pizza! We made visits the rest of the night and actually talked to our investigator Richard for a while!

April 26
Today church was pretty good. Sacrament had good talks on families.  Guess who didn't show up to Gospel Principles class today... that's right our Gospel Principles teacher who didn't let anyone know he wouldn't be there. So guess who got to teach that on no notice... we did.  And guess who didn't show up for Elders Quorum lesson.... whoever was supposed to teach, and we almost got volunteered not teach but our ward mission leader took the lesson I wasn't too happy after almost being thrown into two blind lessons. Guess who we had dinner with.... our Gospel Principles teacher and he didn't say a word about not being at Church which irritated me a little more. We made visits the rest of the night I'm ready for a good P-day.

Hope everyone has a good week. 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Making Mom a little jealous with some Nutella and Strawberry...

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