Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 39

Hello everyone!

May 5
Today we got volunteered by the other Elders to help someone move at the beginning of P-day so that ticked me off a bit. Elder Davis packed during studies so we went to the stake center and played some basketball and volleyball. We had to end P-day early because we had a dinner which didn't make me the happiest either but the dinner was good with the Bonds. Said goodbye to people with Elder Davis.

May 6
Today Elder Davis got transferred to West Maricopa and I got Elder Melsen from Willsonville, Alabama! He's really cool and I think we'll get along great. A lot of the people that I came out with are becoming District Leaders and one Zone Leader.  I am grateful that I was able to have a leadership position early on in my mission and I am looking forward to having more opportunities. Today we had dinner with the Hardt's, then had coordination which was good. Then we visited Linda Rankin. Pretty good day.

May 7
Today we had weekly planning and we took Elder Melsen shopping. We went to the Church to have our weekly planning session and our referral showed up to the Church for our lesson an hour early. It was a good lesson.  Turns out he was a member in the past, so he won't count as an investigator. We had dinner with Sister Tovar where we went to Brothers, not a great restaurant. We had a lesson with the Reeder's and on the way there Erick, the referral, was calling us and texting us and was offended that we had a member at the lesson and is really paranoid about everything and threatened us a couple times so hopefully we can figure out all that tomorrow. We shared a message with the Reeder's. Our lesson with David Valenzuela cancelled. Very interesting day.

May 8
Today we did some weekly planning before District Meeting. District Meeting was OK, not the greatest District Meeting since getting here in my opinion. We had dinner with the Stowell's which was great! Our lesson with four potential investigators fell through so we went to Emerson Smith's farewell party, he leaves in three weeks. It was awesome because we were able to introduce Elder Melsen to a lot of the members and start off good relationships. Then we made the long bike ride home. It was actually cold today even though it would be warm for you guys haha!

May 9
Today we re-geocoded our area. Then we cleaned up our area book all day because we had no appointments. We had dinner at the apartment. I'm enjoying being with Elder Melsen!

May 10
Today church was good. Brother Marble's talk was my favorite talk today! Gospel Principles was kinda lame but the Elders Quorum lesson was good. Skyping home today was cool but really weird. It went by really quick! We had dinner with the Hardt's. Our evening consisted of dealing with Erick and all his drama all night.

Hope you all have a great week!

Last day with Elder Davis

My new Companion, Elder Melson from Alabama!

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