Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 82

March 7
Today was a really lame pday. We taught the Warnhoff's. We made a couple of visits to end the night. The Assistants and President Griffin, with assignment from Elder Arnold, the general authority, assigned me to lead an hour and a half discussion at mission tour with all the missionaries not in leadership assignments.... And uh it's in two days so you could say I'm freaking out a little bit.

March 8
Today was weird. I took a long time to prepare for my discussion. Made a sweet presentation! We had dinner with the Agren's. We had coordination and then made a couple visits to end the night. 

March 9
Today was interesting. We had mission tour. My discussion went really well but I wasn't too happy with the Assistants or Elder Arnold in connection with it. I wasn't really impressed by Elder Arnold or the entire meeting. We had dinner with Sister Colleen Barton and she knows Grandma and Grandpa and taught Craig in high school! We made visits all night. 

March 10
Today was good. We did weekly planning as usual. We had dinner at the Heaton's. We taught Bill Franke which went ok then we made some visits to end the night. 

March 11
Today was good. I worked on school stuff. We made visits before having dinner with the Kannarrs. We gave a less active Sister a blessing then made visits the rest of the night. 

March 12
Today was good. We visited with Brother McDonald. We taught Brother Allen. We had dinner with Bishop and Sister Smith. We made visits to end the night. 

March 13
Today was good but tiring. We had early morning Ward Council for Rose Valley Ward then I went with Brother Heaton to Sun City Ward Council. Faye and John Allen were at church. We went with Brother McRae to visit Sister Delong. We had dinner with the Montgomery's who are really cool! We taught Tony Deluca to end the night which went well.

Hope everyone is great!

Elder Ashby

Picture of Sister Barton

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