Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 87

April 12
Today was good. Got the transfer news that I'm going to be companions with Elder Melsen again!!! Staying in the zone! We played some ball. We had dinner at the Livingston's. We had coordination and then shared #SeekAndServe with the Darrow's.

April 13
Today was good. After transfers we got settled into the house. We made some visits before having dinner at the apartment. We coordinated with Bishop Stringem and then had a lesson with the Helton's to end the night. 

April 14
Today was really good! We worked on stake reports all afternoon. We had dinner at the apartment. We made some visits before going on splits where I visited a brother Smith. We then visited with Bishop Alkema who is awesome!

April 15
Today was good. We made a lot of visits and got a lot of no answers. We had district meeting which. We met with sister Wentworth. We had dinner with Julio and his girlfriend. We made visits all night. 

April 16
Today was pretty good. We had both lessons cancel on us. We met with both High councilors over missionary work for the two stakes. We had dinner at the apartment and then made visits. 

April 17
Today was good. I got to go to the YSA ward today. We had dinner with the Weiss family who are cool! We the went to a Stake Priesthood meeting to end the night. 

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