Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 9 - Two Month Mark Today!

You are all probably wondering how Bob's baptism went....It went great!  Bob is a super, awesome guy!  I don't know if I had shared how we came to find and teach Bob.  We actually tracted him out (by the way...I don't like tracting much). I was part of his entire progression to baptism.  That is a great feeling.  Bob is very excited for the Temple trip we are planning for all the recent converts in our Ward to do Baptisms for the Dead!  We should be able to go with them when we get this all planned out.  I can't wait!  I don't have my photo converter with me right now, but I will try and send pictures of the Baptism soon.

All of our other investigators are doing well.  We actually taught Josh and his family this week which was awesome!  We were supposed to meet with the Payne's last night, but they rescheduled for tonight.  Cassie is progressing slow, but just won't commit to least she is still having us over and letting us teach her.  We have a new investigator that we are going to try and set up another appointment with and some potentials that might become new investigators!  Things are going well for us.

For those of you is a typical day in our mission.  We exercise (yes, I said exercise) until 7a.  Then we eat, shower and study from 8a to 11a.  We then do online proselyting until lunch.  We then take from after lunch to 5p where we make visits and appointments.  Dinner from 5-6 and more visits from 6p-9p.  We then plan the next day from 9p-9:30p and then in bed and ready to do it all over again!  We normally tract once a week.  Before the new Mission President our mission didn't allow tracting....

We also will be part of the cultural celebration with the Phoenix Open House.  I think it airs on the 15th an it is broadcasted on BYU TV and online....

Now back to my notes from Conference....

Eduardo Gavarret (Spanish)
Follow the right voice.
Easy to follow the Savior with a good wife by my side.
Knowing truth does you no good unless you turn knowledge into action.

Jeffery R. Holland
Lift the burden from the poor in spirit
Christianity is not a statistical endeavor
God is not overly preoccupied with percentages
We are all beggars
Pray for those in need
If you don't act on the things you pray for the needy then your prayer is in vain and you are a hypocrite.
Help ourselves before we seek help from others
Cherish the chance to fast and be generous with fast offerings and God will be generous back
Because I have been given much I too must give.

L Tom Perry
The only way to find lasting peace is to look to Christ and live it
Don't let the noise of the world stop you from hearing the Holy Ghost
Homes must be holy places
"Who can put a price tag on the influence of a mother" -- Gordon B. Hinkley
Mothers have no greater opportunity than to strengthen the home
Fathers give blessings and perform ordinances for the family
Lead in scripture study
One on ones with your kids
Fathers set example of faithful gospel service
Parents should never be to busy to each an important lesson to a child.
Instill strong reliance on the teachings of our Savior.

More to come next week......

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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