Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 8

Hello all,
Well it is Tuesday and I am writing now.  You may ask yourself why Tuesday, isn't Pday on Monday?  We have transfers every 6 weeks and when that happens our Pday changes to Tuesday and the transfers happen on Wednesday.  My companion and I are not being transferred on this go around.  We are with our trainers for 12 weeks, so next transfer time one of us could be moved.

Bob is still on schedule to be baptized this coming Saturday (Oct 11).  We are very excited for him.  Please pray for him this week that his baptism will go as planned.  We have talked to Josh a couple of times but still have not been able to teach him since I have been here in the area.  Cassie is doing well, but she doesn't want to make the commitment to be baptized, but I think we will get her there.  The Payne family is also doing well.  When we went to visit them this week the wife was not home so we didn't teach them the Restoration, instead we talked about Conference and answered some questions.  I think it is a matter of time for them before they commit. 

I want to challenge all of you who read this message (especially you Aaron).  Read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony for yourself.  Also read Preach My Gospel.  I know that it may seem undesirable to do those things right now, but it will really help you out.  Aaron this will help you prepare for your mission in a couple of years.  I wish I had done that before my mission.

Aaron...I forgot to include in my email last week....Happy birthday!  I hope you had a great day.

Conference was great this weekend.  We actually had to go over to the Stake Center in Flagstaff for the sessions.  We went to our building here in Williams, but there were only sisters there, so we couldn't stay.  I am sending some of my notes that I took in conference and will list them here for those that didn't get to watch.

Saturday Morning Session
Choose you this day whom ye will serve (man or God)
Sacrament should be a spiritual experience.  Focus on the prayers.
When blessing and passing the Sacrament, you are representing the Savior.

Chi Hong Wong (Cantonese)
We have to work together united to serve the Lord.
Christ died not to save, but to offer repentance.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
To know if the Gospel is true, you first have to live it
The Church isn't for perfect people, it's for people to be perfected in Christ

Saturday Afternoon
Neil L. Anderson
Offer kindness to those who deny Joseph Smith.
Internet information does not have a truth filter.
A good tree can't bring forth evil fruit and an evil tree can't bring forth good fruit.  Know the fruit.
Adjust your own spiritual oxygen mask now so you will be prepared to help others.
Aaron- Gain a testimony of Joseph Smith by reading the Book of Mormon as Elder Anderson challenges.

Tad R. Callister
Magnify your calling as a parent, teach your kids...be an example
Have the Gospel in your home.
Make sure kids have morning and evening personal prayers.
Honor our responsibility as parents.

Jorg Klebingat
What if you had an interview with Christ right now?
   1. Take responsibility for your own spiritual well being
   2. Take responsibility for your physical well being
   3. Embrace voluntary obedience
   4. Become good at repenting thorough and quickly
   5. Become good at forgiving
   6. Accept trials, setbacks and surprises in your life
Acknowledge your weaknesses but don't be overwhelmed by them.

I will share the rest of them next week....

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Picture of the Flagstaff Zone

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