Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week 43

Hello from sunny Arizona!

June 1
Today was really awesome! The tour of the courthouse was really cool! Judge Watts took us to Jersey Mikes for lunch which was really tasty! We got back home and played volleyball with the Zone which was a blast! We shared a message with Sister Rankin and got to our lesson with David Valenzuela and nobody answered so we were talking to brother Baxter for a bit and then David came out and we had a super good lesson!

June 2
Today our lesson with Richard canceled. We visited some potentials and then at three we exchanged and Elder Timm took me to get my toenail fixed which went well. Doctor Thomas is pretty cool! We had dinner with Bishop and his wife they took us to Big Heng's. Afterwards we visited potentials and talked to Sean Frazier and scheduled lunch with him on Thursday so now he's an investigator! We made a couple visits to end the night.

June 3
Today we were supposed to have a lesson with Chino but he had to reschedule for Friday. We had dinner with the Eaton's. Brother Pearson picked us up to go to coordination which was really good. We made some visits the rest the night.

June 4
Today we did weekly planning. We shared a message with Sister Tovar. We had dinner with the Mortensen's. We had splits where a Brother Thacker took me around making visits. Pretty average day.

June 5
Today we finished our weekly planning and went to make some visits before dinner and the rain forced us to a pavilion. We had dinner with the Sharp's. As we were heading to make some visits we got drenched by the rain and figured we should get dry for our health and went home freezing and took a warm shower and found productive stuff to do from the apartment.

June 6
Today we had Zone Meeting which was really cool! We got Facebook back today! We now cannot message people outside of our assigned area without President Griffin's permission. So Aaron talk to Taylor Engan I had talked to her back in February and she was going to take the lessons from me see if she wants to take the lessons from the missionaries there and stuff. We had dinner with the Willings which was good. We made visits the rest of the night and set up an appointment with former investigators the Olivarez family.

June 7
Today Church was really good. Ethan Miller, a Priest, gave us a really cool shout out during testimony meeting! We had dinner with the Jayme's. We visited the Cook's, Burk's, Herrerra, and the Welsh's.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

Candy from Grandma's package she sent...

Rainy days in Arizona.  This is from June 5...

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