Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 95

June 6
Today was awesome! Basketball was intense! We had our lesson with Jesus fall through. We made visits all night. Elder Miller came over to the house on exchanges with Elder Waters which was pretty good the whole apartment had a good heart to heart to end the night. 

June 7
Today was good. MLC was the normal frustrating meeting it usually is but it was good to see everyone. Now that Elder Balenacagi and Tomayo are zone leaders it was awesome to see them! We had dinner at the apartment after some visits. We had a good coordination and then we taught Larry to end the night which went well. 

June 8
Today was good. We went and served at Eve's Treasures. We made visits before Haleigh dropped of dinner to us. We made some visits before having a lesson with the Ortega's which went really well. We made some visits before heading in for the night!

June 9
We did our usual weekly planning. We had dinner at the apartment. We taught Ashley Dutston and then Sister Haley to end the night.

June 10
Today was good. We had zone conference which was good. We made visits before having dinner at the apartment. We made more visits. Both our lesson with Sean and Larry cancelled. 

June 11
Today we are on exchanges. I am with Elder Waters in his area. We had. Couple lessons fall through. We taught Brian. It was. Pretty fun day, Elder Waters is a good missionary. 

June 12
Today was good. We met with the primary presidency before church. Church was good. I went into the primary the third hour to play guitar and sing with the kids which was a lot of fun! We had dinner at the Bone's which was good. We had our lesson with the Watsons fall through. We went to the YSA Wards ward prayer which was a lot of fun! 

Love you all,
Elder Ashby

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