Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 96

June 13
Today was pretty great! We played milk jug lactose and basketball. After pday we made some visits before going to FHE where we played marshmallow baseball which was a lot of fun haha!

June 14
We made visits before our Webex meeting interrupted by a lot of cops. We had dinner at the Baileys. We had coordination and splits where I taught the Workman's. Elder Melsen taught the Ortega's which went really well! We hunted some scorpions after planning which was fun but the ring of fire myth was not able to be determined. 

June 15
Today was good. We served at Eve's treasures. We met with the Wentworth's. We made some visits before having dinner at the VanAlstines. We had splits with the YSA ward which went well. We caught another scorpion tonight and the ring of fire myth was confirmed! It was pretty sweet!

June 16
Today we did our normal weekly planning. We had dinner dropped off by the Le's. We went with Brother Selin to visit the Biorn's, Surratt's, and Davis family to end the night. 

June 17
Today was good. We had zone meeting which was a good meeting! Jacie dropped off dinner. We had our lesson with Alondra reschedule. We made some visits before going with Weston to one of his home teaching sisters. We went back to the apartment to pack for exchanges. Tomorrow I'm in Peoria North with Elder Hulett!

June 18
Exchanges with Elder Hulett today was good. Not a very productive day of finding. We had dinner with a really cool family the Tuitas. We taught their investigator Damian to end the night. 

June 19
Today was good. We got an ice cream bar at the end of church which was good. We had dinner with the Biddles which was super good. We made visits the rest of the evening. 

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