Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 77

Greetings all,

February 1
Today was good. We went and explored a guitar shop and then hung out at the stake center. We made visits all night and set up a couple of appointments. 

February 2
Today was good! We made some visits before our zone leader Webex meeting which was as alright. We had dinner with the Vastbinder's. We taught Tina which went well and then we taught Desiree which also went well!

February 3
Today was good, we made visits until dinner with the Davis's. We had a good coordination meeting then we visited with a couple people at mutual and then visited the Baum's. 

February 4
Today was good. We had our usual weekly planning. We finished our advertisement for this Monday's FHE! We had dinner  a pick up dinner from the Newell's. We went on splits. Elder Balenacagi taught Alice and I taught Delaney. Both Lessons went well. We visited Alva to end the night. 

February 5
Today was really good! We went to both district meetings! We had dinner with Bishop and Sister Hughes. We taught Nick and Desiree to end the night. Then we exchanged with the Assistants so Elder Unasa is with me in my area!

February 6
Elder Unasa and I had a good day today! We helped the Obney's move. We made visits before having a pickup dinner from the Roatches. We made visits all night until exchange wrap-ups. 

February 7
Today was good! Alice, Desiree, and Ashli came to church. We had dinner with the Canova's. We made visits all night!

Hope you all have a great week...

Elder Ashby

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