Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 78

Hello all,

February 8
Today was good! Normal pday volleyball! We went to FHE then we had a good lesson with Alice to end the night!

February 9
Today was pretty crazy! We set up the rooms for interviews. We had interviews which went really good! I love President Griffin and learn so much from him he's the best! Our lesson with Wendy rescheduled as well as Tina. Dinner cancelled on us. We taught Desiree and our lesson with Robert and Samantha fell through so we checked on Elder Davis because he's been sick to end the night. Elder Parkinson emailed me and let me know Travis Grantham from Williams is getting baptized on the 21!!! I'm so excited won't be able to go though but I'll make it back for their sealing hopefully next year!

February 10
Today was good and bad. We shared a message with a Ysa member Jeremy. We made some visits before teaching the Oster's who are less actives. We had dinner at our apartment because our appointment cancelled. We then went to the church to meet with Chance. I had to leave the lesson to go to coordination down the hall. Afterwards I  rejoined the lesson which went until 9. It was one of the most depressing lessons I've been a part of because Chance is so far into anti Mormon doctrine that there is no way to help him see the truth even though he is on of the most brilliant kids I have met. Mosiah 25:11 has never meant so much to me as it does now. 

February 11
Today was good. We had lunch with Aaron Gidwani. We did weekly planning and the stake coordination report. We had dinner with the Blacks. We had splits where we made some visits. We had to reschedule on sister Dutey because our member couldn't come. 

February 12
Today was good. We went to both district meetings which were alright. We got back and then headed to dinner with the Schaubs! We had our lesson with Nick fall through then we taught Alice to end the night. 

February 13
Today was good. We helped clean the church. We did studies. We went to the auto shop for our oil change which took a lot time. We had dinner with the Benda's. We went over to the Huffs with Jason Sarah Lexi and Leah to share a message. We made a couple visits to end the night. 

February 14
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today was good. Autumn, Alva, Athena, Ty, and Alice came to church. We taught Shay another new member lesson. We had dinner with the Donners. We had to reschedule with Alice. We visited with Nick and Pete to end the night. 

Hope you all have a great week,
Elder Ashby

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