Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 79

Greetings from Arizona!

February 15
Today was a good pday. We had zone activity where we played some games. We had FHE which was good. We taught Alice to end the night.

February 16
Today was good. We went with the south district to a service project cleaning a man and women's shelter. We made a couple visits before having dinner with the Thomas family which was good. Our lesson with Tina fell through. We taught Delaney to end the night.   

February 17
Today was good. We made visits in the afternoon until our lesson with the Osters. We had dinner with the West's. We had a good coordination then we visited James and Jacob to end the night. 

February 18
Today was good we did our weekly planning. We made an ad for FHE. We had a pick up dinner from the Jackson's. We had Delaney's baptismal interview which went well. We had to move Desiree to tomorrow because Brother Wood's ended up not being home. 

February 19
Today was good. After lunch we headed to the practice for the musical fireside on Sunday. We had dinner with Bishop and Sister Hughes. We had our lesson with Nick and Pete fall through. We taught Desiree to end the night. 

February 20
Today was good. We had district meeting. We had Alice's baptismal interview and she passed! We set up for the high priest social we were performing at. We had dinner with the Hansen's. We then went to the high priest social and played a bunch of songs for them and it was a blast. Bob Robinson went through the temple today and said it was the best day of his life which made me so happy!

February 21
Today was really good. Alice, Alvah, Desiree, and Delaney were at church. We taught Shay. We had dinner with the Lunt's and then we headed to the musical fireside which was a blast and turned out really well!

February 22
Today was good. We went with Elder Green and Fullmer to do service all afternoon. We had dinner at the apartment. We went to FHE and then made a couple of visits to end the night. 

Hope all is well,
Elder Ashby

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