Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 3 - Welcome to Williams, AZ


Williams is pretty cool. It is kind of hard to catch my breath on our runs due to the near 7000 foot elevation.
Unfortunately we use our iPads for email so I can't send pics yet. My companion is having a thing sent that connects SD cards to the iPad mini, so when he gets it, I can use it.
Me and my companion spoke on Sunday, but so did two other people so we ended at 11:30!
The first day I got to Williams we taught Barbara, who was already committed to baptism. Her baptism is this Saturday, so even though I barely taught her it counts as a baptism for me. We haven't had too much luck with our potential investigators, they are really busy as of late and stuff like that. A couple days ago we met a Hispanic man named Phil. We found him because his wife had been tracted into a while back so we taught him the restoration and he was really receptive. He committed to read the Book of Mormon. He was actually reading it as we were leaving. We had a return appointment the next day, but they didn't answer so we tried back a couple hours later and no answer. We tried back the next day and no answer, which is frustrating because every time we hear people in the house, like their kids. We have been having a decent amount of member lessons, so were hoping to get some referrals.
The Facebook is for online proselyting within the mission, so I can't message anyone from home and if people post on my wall I have to hide it. The more likes and shares I get on spiritual posts the more people see them, so feel free to do that.
Haven't got a bike yet because we have a car so I won't get one until I'm in a biking area.
We had a crazy experience last night!!! So the town has shoot offs (people acting out scenes from the old west) every night from Memorial Day to Labor Day with actors. They also have horses with carriages for tours and for the show. So we were driving back from Phil's on our way to a member lesson and a horse and carriage came sprinting from behind us and it is going straight for the crowd, so the horse tried to go through the walkway but realized it wouldn't fit so it tried stopping but hit a store wall sending the driver airborne. He was fine, but the horse was in shock and was just laying there. We had to go after a minute because we were already late, so we don't know what happened to the horse. 
Love and miss everyone!!!
Elder Ashby

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