Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4 - Williams, AZ

Mom I'm glad you liked the letter and gift when I saw it I knew it was perfect!!!! Baptism went well Barbara is super solid and actually I had the idea of having her come with us to our new investigators lesson which was super awesome!!! She also asked that I be the one to confirm her at church and that was really cool! Those treats are perfect for Mattie it makes me really happy that you guys are taking care of her! I appreciate it a lot! I'm going to try to get her something today to send to her! Love and miss you too!

 Aaron sorry to hear about football just keep working hard and don't get discouraged good job on helping the defense out haha. Awesome on the runs and I'm sure the coaches saw that you are doing well and know that that touchdown was yours! That's what happened to me a lot on JV I would drive us down the field then they would give it to Caleb to punch it in. Just be happy about your contributions to the team especially when they are struggling just make sure you are having fun and realize that although you guys might not win a lot you can make sure you have fun because I know I would love to be doing exactly that! Along with the movie list you are making I'm requesting you do the same for music. I miss ballin with you to bro. I'm glad your hanging with the guys stay smart and remember you are always an example. Love and miss you too bro!

 I'm glad church went well. I'll make sure to let you know on investigators. Thanks for the package I got it today! I may want some church music so if you could run some suggestions by me and I can let you know if it sounds good because we only have two CDs and we have listened to the WAY TOO MUCH and I'm gonna go crazy!

Love you all!
Elder Ashby

Picture of one of our sunsets in Williams.
Trent using the fan Mattie sent in a care package

Elder Ashby and his companion Elder Parkinson

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