Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 5 - 1 Month Mark

To answer Grandma's and Annie's questions, we have a ward and it is medium to small. They feed us around three to four meals a week. There are a good amount of members that come to lessons with us, including Barbara who was just baptized (my idea to have her come). We haven't really got many referrals but we are going to follow up for referrals soon, so I think it will change. The town is busy down Route 66 but the other streets remind me more of Eau Claire.  Grandma, we all know that your Peach Pie should have won the contest!
Our investigator Bob, was at Church yesterday and was touched by the talk given and is going to start coming regularly. I think he is definitely going to be baptized. We also talked to a family last night who had met with missionaries before but don't know if this is the right church. We answered their questions perfectly to what they needed to hear and are going to start reading the Book of Mormon. Their son has already been reading and has been interested for a while, he is in Helaman with his reading!
The temperature here hasn't dropped below 65 during the day it's still been really nice.

                                                                      Barbara's Baptism
                                                   Which way should we go?????

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