Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week 17

Hello everyone!

Well another week has passed and this coming Saturday marks 4 months on my mission.  Wow how time flies.  When you look back it has gone really fast since entering the MTC in August.

The only investigators that we were able to meet with this week was Brittany.  We did end up meeting with her twice to try and keep her on track for her January 3 baptism date.  Both lessons were great.  We did find out that she does have a problem with smoking, but she did commit to live the Word of Wisdom and quit. (here is the actual unedited version of Trent's email..."We found out that she has a problem with smoking but she vomited to live the Word of Wisdom".  I guess spell check changes some of the meanings at times).  So back to his email..... This week we taught Brittany the principles of Faith, Repentance, being cleansed from sin and the Word of Wisdom.

We also stopped by the mother and daughter we met with last week, Califia and Chesnie.  They were pretty busy so we are going to go back Wednesday and meet with them again.  No other new investigators this week....but we are still working hard and looking for those that the Lord has prepared for our message.  Please keep praying for opportunities for us here in Williams as well as for your own personal missionary opportunities wherever you live.  We have been sharing the Church message "He is the Gift" during this holiday season.  You can find it at mormon.christmas.org.  It is a 2-3 min video Christ being the true gift of Christmas.  It is as awesome missionary tool.  I have been placing it out on Facebook, so please "share" that and it will go across social media with all your help.

Tuesday we have the opportunity to go to the Mesa Temple for our Christmas Conference.  I am so excited.  We are planning on doing an Endowment Session, looking at the Christmas lights and EATING!  Should be an awesome day!

Love you all!
Elder Ashby

PS. Message from Sister Flannery again...it is fun to hear from her every week..
It has been another great week here in Williams!  Snapped a few pics before they were headed out to teach a soon-to-be-baptized lady.  She how "glowy" they are?  full of optimism, energy and true charity all wrapped up with a fun sense of humor.  They even had a smile on their face when I passed them walking home from Safeway this week in the rain with their year supply of toilet paper.  Felt bad that mish rules wouldn't let me give them a ride.

So Elder Protein (Parkinson) talked Elder Ute (Ashby) into trying a jalapeno popper, turns out he got one of the two super hot ones and we dang near killed him, nonetheless he was a great sport.

Pictures from Sis. Flannery

Some fun pictures of this week....

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