Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 89

April 25
Today was really good. We had zone activity. We played Volleyball and Basketball. We taught Rachael a new member lesson and then we went to share the ward mission plan with the Carson's who are really cool as well. 

April 26
Today was good. We did some weekly planning. We had a Webex meeting. We had interviews which went really well. We had dinner at the apartment. We had coordination and then splits where I shared the ward mission plan with the Hadley's. We then exchanges with the Assistants. 

April 27
Today was stressful and good. I was in Glendale with Elder Byington. We had a busy day full of teaching. Elder Byington is really cool. Nice to head back to the area tonight though. 

April 28
Today was pretty stressful and disappointing. Elder Holland's flight was delayed so he didn't end up coming to the mission meeting which was a big bummer. President Lynn G. Robins was really good though. We had dinner at Red Lobster with a YSA member. We taught Ariana a new member lessons to answer all her questions from the Book of Mormon to end the night. 

April 29
We met with Sister Wentworth. We did weekly planning. We had dinner with Julio Denoso. We made visits all night. 

April 30
We worked on our title of Liberty for the zone. We visited the Copes. We made some visits before having dinner with the Young's. We made visits the rest of the night. 

May 1
Today was good. We had dinner at the Starchman's with the Garbetts who signed up but were invited to a birthday party haha! We made visits all night. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Ashby

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