Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 90

May 2
Today was really good. We played a lot of Basketball which was really fun but made me really sore. We had a new member lesson with Rachael. We went to FHE. We then went and visited the Weiss family and a couple more people to end the night. 

May 3
Today was good. MLC was really good. We had dinner at the apartment. We went out to coordination and splits. I went and visited the Hall's and made a couple more drop in visits to end the night. 

May 4
Today was good. Zone conference was good but a lot of the same info as yesterday. We got back and had dinner with the Hunsakers. We had a couple lessons fall through but we got to teach Larry which went well. We made a couple visits to end the night. 

May 5
Today was good. We had our weekly planning. We had dinner with the Workman's who are cool. We made visits until splits. I taught the Hunters then we came back together and we taught the Kelly's to end the night. 

May 6
Today was good. We went to the temple and had a good session. We went to Barros with our member for lunch. We made visits before dinner with the Moore's which was interesting. We had our lesson with Gorge cancel so we made visits all night. 

May 7
Today was really good. I was on exchanges with Elder Waters who was a lot of fun. We helped some Elders with a service project for their member. We made visits all night. After dinner their ward was having a party so we went and helped set up and made visits the rest of the night. 

May 8
Happy Mothers Day!!! Today was good. After church the Skype call was awesome really weird that it's the last one. We had dinner at the house. We went out and made visits the rest of the night. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Ashby

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